Natural decoration for a more welcoming and organic interior

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Decor : Natural decoration for a more welcoming and organic interior

Nature has always been the perfect inspiration for art, fashion and also for interior design and decoration. Natural decoration with elements such as wood, stone, plants and others is appreciated in homes around the world. The decor in natural style creates a relaxing atmosphere. And, in a way, it restores the harmony between humanity and nature, which had been lost a bit. But today, respect for the environment is one of the most important buzzwords in home design and decoration. Thus using natural materials in the interior. Of course, redecorating your home with a natural style does not mean that you should change absolutely all the decoration you have at the moment. Natural elements blend well with all existing styles, thus creating an organic feel in the space. So, pay attention with the ideas that we will present to you to conjure mother nature in your home.

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Natural interior design and decoration

Certainly, the natural look has conquered the world of interior design and decoration. Neutral color palettes, eco-friendly rattan, bamboo, and wicker furniture, and a focus on sustainable fabrics, has made nature never look so fashionable. It’s no wonder that investing in natural fabrics rather than man-made fibers is proving so popular, with a host of benefits. Natural fibers tend to last longer, which means they don’t need to be replaced frequently. It should be mentioned that they also biodegrade more easily and require less treatment when processed. Which means less environmental pollution.

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Decoration with natural materials

As we already mentioned, this style of decoration Bring nature into the home, whether with tree trunks turned into side tables, branches that turn into clothespins, and raw wood beams. The natural style provides authentic, natural elements and avoids the artificial at all costs.. Based on an ecological philosophy, this decoration seeks not only to bring nature to design, but also to defend recycling.

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The beauty of wood in its natural form

POf course, if this style had to choose a characteristic element, it would have to be the pure wood, untreated, with all its cracks and holes in sight. The natural beauty of wood is such that a polish with a little esparto is enough to remove the splinters. Raw, untreated wood undoubtedly has its own charm. And it requires little more than a little natural oil to hydrate and preserve it. This helps us feel much closer to nature, which is the idea of ​​this decoration.

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Of course, wood is far from being the only material used in this style of natural decoration. Other basic materials used in furniture and home accessories are fibers of bamboo, esparto and sisal, and natural textiles to cotton, linen, silk and wool base. Refering to architecture, the concrete finishes are also exposed, offering a more ecological and sustainable option, following the philosophy of this style. One of the keys to natural decoration is to mix different textures to leave a neutral base, such as raw concrete walls that can be left in view to allow unique and natural pieces to play the leading role.

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Really, the natural style is so versatile that works in modern and even minimalist environments. Giving them a warm contrast to make a house a cozy home. It also blends seamlessly with rustic trends, giving elegance to a country look. When it comes to industrial interiors, natural design breaks the monotony of composition with abstract lines. That is why, the natural decoration is infinitely charming and goes with everything.

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Create peaceful environments that radiate calm

There is no doubt that natural fibers and textiles inspire warm, welcoming and authentic spaces. In addition to the materials and their textures, the color palettes used are a great ally for natural decoration. They must predominate neutral and natural tones, that is to say, white, gray and sand. As well as the colors associated with earth and forests, such as brown and green, dark shades or bottle, or even pastels. So the combination of suitable materials and colors, the decoration of a home achieves a remarkable sense of calm. It is worth mentioning that, an additional benefit of this, is that the spaces are created with maximized light.

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Green as a characteristic of the environment

Obviously, you should not hold back when it comes to decorate with plants. The more the merrier, but don’t create a jungle inside your home either. In addition to the aesthetics and the touch of greenery they provide, plants renew the air, eliminating carbon dioxide and absorbing excess moisture, among many other health benefits. Some of the plants you might consider for decoration include Monstera, also known as Adam’s Rib, cacti, succulents, and ficus, among others. Of course, the philosophy of the natural decoration style also includes the creation of an urban garden. If your home lacks a garden or terrace, you could dedicate a corner of your kitchen to aromatic plants and have fresh parsley, basil, mint or lavender on hand at all times. If you are lucky enough to have your own outdoor space, choose homegrown tomatoes, strawberries, and lettuce.

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Recycling and rough finishes

As we mentioned, another crucial characteristic of natural decoration is the emphasis on recycling and the use of recycled wood. This gives new life to fruit boxes, old industrial spools, and driftwood, for example. So consider recycling with items that you would never have imagined reusing. They can certainly be given a whole new purpose, like wooden doors that become headboards, old oars stacked on the wall to create a sculpture.

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In a natural style within the industrial one, a tap used as a side table. Or even skateboards turned into a bookshelf for a teenager’s bedroom look great. Yes you want live an eco-friendly lifestyle, you musts learn the magic of renewing and using it. Take your old furniture, remove layers of paint, and paint it again. In addition, you can renew your old sofa, beds, armchairs, etc. Not only will you significantly reduce the carbon footprint you leave, but you will also minimize your costs.

natural decoration rough finishes

No less important, are the rough or rough finishes to complete the decoration in a more authentic way. You may be wondering how to apply them inside, well, with coating for walls, floors or countertops for the kitchen or bathroom. As with wood, the natural color and appearance is brought out, along with its characteristic rough and uneven texture full of unexpected shapes. Surfaces look best with a subtle, attractive grain, perhaps inspired in some natural stones most famous in the world of design, and that also appear in pieces whose grain and colors vary to create a unique result.

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Decorate with rocks

Rocks are perfect for natural interior design and decor to look organic. In addition, they can be easily combined with almost any style. For a more elegant and serene look, you can always opt for various stone sculptures and figures. But if you want to get the most out of it, you can use it for walls, stairs, floors, kitchen countertops, etc. You can use different colors of rock to make the space more interesting and give it a sense of movement.

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Rattan furniture

Rattan furniture has really grown in popularity over the years. They are also a beautiful way to achieve a natural look in the home. Lightweight yet strong, rattan is used in bleached neutral tones and organic designs. Which makes it a really great and stylish alternative to your everyday wooden furniture. This trend originally became popular in the 1970s, adding a bohemian touch. And it is particularly popular for bed frames, storage, chairs, and lamps.

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Botanical details

The green and leafy trend is certainly not new. But a new form of botanical interiors has been introduced for a while. The leaf, flower and insect prints are huge, with soft furniture adorned with bees and lush wallpapers, in the interior of the home. To really nail and add to this trend, look for delicate patterns and subtle touches. You can also consider bedding with botanical motifs.

natural decoration botanical details

Japandi decoration style

In other articles we have already told you about this style of decoration, which is a trend for this 2021. The simplicity of this Japanese and Scandinavian style is very popular. These two trends have merged to create the ultimate in relaxed and inviting yet very fresh style. The basic premise of this trend focuses on natural color palettes. Replace a bright white wall with a more chalky shade as a base, before building your muted furniture in shades of green, blue, and pink, if you prefer. That said, the trend also dictates the use of darker shades to create contrast. So we recommend that you also opt for accessories in shades of charcoal, emerald green and black to nail the trend.

natural japandi decoration

Let the light in and shine

As you already know, the …

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