Natural stone, a perfect option for facades

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One of the materials that are most used when designing facades is the natural stone. It is usually chosen for its great resistance to all types of climates and lasts for many years in perfect condition. In addition, aesthetically, very beautiful designs can be made with natural stone. Here we tell you some of the advantages of using natural stone in facades as well as tips for choosing the perfect natural stone for your home.

Advantages of using natural stone in facades

As we told you, natural stone for facades is one of the most used resources in the design of houses and buildings. These are some of its advantages:


Natural stone is one of the most used elements in construction because it withstands the passage of time very well and does not need any expensive maintenance.

Weather resistance

Natural stone is resistant to all types of climates without its deterioration being evident.

Variety of designs

One of the main advantages of using natural stone is that we can choose all kinds of colors and textures depends on the design we are looking for. We will find lighter, darker tones, simpler or more striking textures, with more modern or rustic finishes … Natural stone makes each facade unique and we can customize it to our liking.

Great insulating capacity against noise and cold

Natural stone has thermal inertia, that is, it acts as an insulator against the outside temperature so in summer it will keep cool inside and in winter it will keep warm. In the same way, it also acts as an insulator against outside noises, damping sound waves.

Sustainable material

Another of the great advantages for which natural stone is often chosen for facades is that it is a sustainable material since it can be recycled and used in different construction projects.

Flame retardant

Natural stone is also fire retardant, that is, it will protect your home from fires.

How to choose a natural stone for facades

Depending on the construction project that we are carrying out, we will have to take into account some aspects to choose the perfect natural stone for the facade. Here are some questions to ask yourself:


You can find a huge variety of colors for natural stone. In fact, there are so many different shades that it is almost impossible for one construction to use exactly the same color as another. So although it is an advantage because we can fully customize the natural stone that we want for our project, it can also be a bit difficult to make a final decision on the color.

A tip for choosing the color of the facade is to start with the main color that we are going to use and then focus on the colors of the accessories such as windows, doors or the roof. To choose the main color you can look around you and see what colors go well with the environment. For example, in a more urban area, some colors will be better and in a more natural environment we will choose other types of tones.

In general, if you are not clear about the tone you want to give to the natural stone of your facade, we recommend not using very vibrant colors and choosing more neutral colors such as white, beige or gray as they will be easier to combine with the surroundings and with the complementary colors of the façade.


We can also choose from a wide variety of natural stone textures. Here the architectural style of the project comes into play because some textures will give it a more rustic touch and others a more modern touch. Generally, the smoothest and straightest textures will be for more modern projects and those more obvious textures will be for constructions with a more rustic or country feel.

Location of the house

The location of the home is one of the most important factors when selecting the natural stone that we are going to use for our facade. Although the material of natural stone is resistant to all types of climates, there are models more suitable for warmer areas that are very exposed to the sun and others more suitable for cold climates and prepared for rain, hail or snow.

We must also take this into account when choosing the color of the natural stone. For example, dark tones tend to suffer more from the sun’s rays, wearing out their color more easily.

These are some tips and advantages to use natural stone for your facade. As you can see, a great option that gives us many different options to customize the style of our project.

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