New facilities of the Padre Apolinar School, with natural light as the protagonist

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Decor : New facilities of the Padre Apolinar School, with natural light as the protagonist

The Padre Apolinar School has carried out the construction of new facilities where VELUX has actively participated. This educational center offers attention to children and youth between 4 and 21 years old with special needs. The new building, located in the Sardinero area of ​​Santander, consists of a single floor of 3,387 square meters and 193 windows.

One of the objectives of the construction project, which has been documented by VELUX, was to provide the center with great light to improve student attention. The aim was to create a warm and suitable environment for classroom work, since these are essential conditions for the students’ learning process. In addition, light helps promote physical well-being, positively influencing the teaching-learning process.

The result of the project has been a more functional building, without architectural barriers and in which the different work spaces have been reinforced: dining room, leisure areas, classrooms and gymnasium. Likewise, the green areas have become especially important, so that the students enjoy nature, which contributes to the improvement of physical and mental well-being.

For its part, the old facilities, located in the Santander area of ​​Valdenoja, will be set up to start up a day center for adults with disabilities.

Natural light and reform, allies of health

According to the latest edition of the Healthy Buildings Barometer, an annual study presented by VELUX, more than 2 million Spanish children live in homes with deficiencies potentially harmful to health, such as humidity, mold, cold, darkness and noise, being more prone to get respiratory diseases, eczema or allergies. Given these data, reforming the national real estate park becomes a matter of health.

In addition to the Padre Apolinar School, the company has recently participated in the reform project of an attic located in the Madrid municipality of Pozuelo de Alarcón, built in the 1980s.

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