New handles to transform your furniture

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New handles to transform your furniture


Change style of a piece of furniture and transform with it the image of an entire room is possible by changing only the handles. Sometimes, it is enough to change small details like these to transform an entire space. Do you want to know how to do it?

Replace old shooters For new ones it is a way to personalize and update the image of a piece of furniture. And anyone can do it; If we choose standard handles whose measurements match those we already have, we will only need a screwdriver to make the change.

The fastest and cheapest way to give new air to a piece of furniture It's changing the handles. And it will not be necessary to hire a carpenter for it, you can do it yourself! You just have to choose the style of the shooters and buy the ones you like best by following our advice.


Trend handles

As in all areas of design trends exist here too. The handles, however small, have a great influence on the aesthetics of the furniture, which makes them an important element subject to trends. Trends that once known you can choose to follow or not.


Leather shooters became a trend in 2018. By acquiring some relevance DIYs in which they showed how to replace furniture handles with thongs, Furniture designers had no choice but to surrender to them.

Leather handles

Because of its malleability, leather allows us to play with numerous forms, however, the easiest ways to use this material are the ones that have gained the most popularity. Creating some handles with this material is as simple as cutting some strips and riveting them.

As with wood, it is a material that also provides warmth and some natural beauty to the spaces. At the same time it is a versatile material that can fit in furniture of different styles, with different finishes and in different colors.

With industrial airs

The shell shooters They have become a reference of style in our kitchens. With the rise of industrial style, these shooters gained great popularity in black. Today, however, those with steel finish are the most demanded. The latter fit into numerous environments although they look especially good in vintage country kitchens.

Industrial handles

Both some and others are tremendously striking, so they are not suitable for those seeking a discrete solution. If your goal is to divert your eyes to another element of the kitchen, with these handles you will find it really difficult to achieve it.


These shooters have a contemporary design ideal to combine in a single piece of furniture a classic and modern style. Cylindrical and long, they are among the most comfortable handles and also among the strongest. As such they are perfect as furniture handles with a lot of use.

Bar handles

In steel they fit very well in modern kitchens with white furniture or lacquered in light tones. While the gold They are perfect to give a chic touch to urban kitchens with wooden furniture or in dark colors.

With porcelain pieces

The handles with porcelain pieces remind us of those old kitchens where we accompanied our grandmothers while cooking. They are not as popular as the previous ones but they are essential for all those who want to give a vintage touch to your kitchen

Porcelain handles

They combine perfectly with white or lacquered furniture in blue or pastel green tones. If you also incorporate into the kitchen a floor of hydraulic mosaic type like the one in the image you will achieve that unmistakable flavor of the old town kitchens.

When buying new shooters ...

There are not many things you should keep in mind when buying new handles for your closets, but they are important. Keep in mind…

  • Than meet standard measures of separation –64, 96, 128, 214, etc.
  • That in order not to need to make new holes you will have to buy a similar measures shooter. Remove one of the current shooters and take it with you to the hardware store if you don't want surprises.
  • That you will need the corresponding ones screws and washers to install them They usually come with them, but it never hurts to make sure.

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