New polished AZUVI finish for the Aran series

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New polished AZUVI finish for the Aran series

AZUVI expands its Aran porcelain tile collection with a new finish. It is the polished finish that stands out for its high gloss and offers a dazzling image. Although it may seem a delicate piece, it is a very resistant product and is ideal for any part of the house.

Novel techniques for your design

For this new finish, innovative production techniques have been used, which come in response to the great professional demand they have received. The result is an incredible finish that allows to achieve sensational uniform surfaces.

A new option to keep in mind in the most demanding projects. It enhances the color and texture, giving a mirror effect to the surface and enhancing the brightness and spaciousness of all types of spaces.

Delicate finish

The signature, presents the new texture of immaculate elegance, high gloss. It is a visibly delicate finish, however it is provided with a very resistant material.

Manufactured in colored dough with a 9.5 mm thickness, it becomes a unique piece for pavements and coatings, available in format 60 × 120 cm · 24 "x48" -Rc- G-650.

This new finish can be achieved in three different tones within the Aran series: Aran Lightgrey Polished, Aran Gray Polished and Aran Darkgrey Polished. The product is ideal for interior floors, providing rectified porcelain surfaces, with non-repetitive and distilled images.

Regarding the Aran series, we find three shades of gray being Aran Dakgrey the darkest of them, while Aran Lightgrey the lightest. Aran Gray appears with an intermediate tone.

A series with a grayish base inspired by the stone and with a white veining, which combined with the shine of the polish creates an extraordinary result providing cleanliness and visual lightness.

We get brilliant textures, with mirror effect that stand out for their brightness and softness in front of their veined appearance.

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