New stay in our home: the home office

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Decor : New stay in our home: the home office

the home office

The impact of the pandemic has changed our lives, including our homes. The truth is that coronavirus has in many cases involved teleworking and with it, the adaptation of the home. We have had to make the home and office coexist in the same space. Were we prepared? The truth is, no. The perception that is generally had of the home, is of a space to be and to rest. Today, on rare occasions, work was done from home. We are used to living in confined and limited spaces for the function of inhabiting.

Home office

The return to normality we do not know when it will arrive, but we do know that it will not be as before. Companies are willing to adapt to the new reality of work, to set up fixed positions with teleworking, work shifts in the facilities and reduce the capacity of their premises. And it is that those of us who have had the opportunity to continue working from home in the confinement have missed a qualified space to work. I propose that it be designed more flexible spaces in homes, that despite not being spaces to inhabit, have areas that are transformable and differentiated, and these privacy spaces are generated.

And now as flexible spaces are made, first of all, let’s think that this flexible place must be functional, comfortable, bright and in an environment of concentration. So we will avoid living with spaces such as the kitchen or the living room, which are the areas with the highest noise levels in the home. The ideal would be to be able to generate a space within the night rooms that generates that privacy and comfort that is required. And it is actually give you the possibility of having a double use a stay It is generally used most of the time at night, while throughout the day, its use is reduced. If we stop to think, the smaller bedrooms, which are usually intended for the children of the family, are designed to place a bed and a desk.

Why don’t we start doing the same with the master bedrooms?

About the Author: Begoña Hernández Millán

Architect specialized in sustainable and efficient construction management with the environment.
In constant training, I am passionate about knowing the advances that architecture gives. Increasingly, we become more aware of nature and the environment in which we live. I am passionate about architecture for the degree of detail it has.

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