Office chairs, the big forgotten in interior design

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Office chairs, the big forgotten in interior design

We live in a time when the picture counts. And a lot. Television and the democratization of photography and video, with the emergence of digital formats, have led to the image, not only of people, also of objects and objects. spaces -Just see the success of Apple, a company that sells technology, but also image-, has gained much importance in our day. Social networks, with Instagram in the lead, have also contributed to nurturing this cult of the image.

The importance of creating a good working environment

We spend many hours in our jobs; theoretically a third of the day. That is why we should not underestimate the importance of create a good work environment, not only in terms of relationships with colleagues, but with the physical space in which the activity takes place.

A pleasant environment helps motivate workers. There are many companies that get in the car to decorate the office in a proper way. A beautiful office will also be a point in favor of the company every time a customer visit is received. However, there is one element that is not given all the attention it should: office chairs. They are more than a mere ornamental element and much more than a place to sit. Spending many hours in front of a screen has its physical consequences and usually leads to back problems which may worsen over time.

Health is not played, so when choosing office chairs it is better to rely on companies such as Ofichairs Spain that offer quality products that meet the necessary requirements for workers to develop their activity in the best conditions .

A good office chair must meet a number of requirements:

  • Ergonomic: It must be adjusted to the body and, above all, to the worker's back. This will prevent the appearance of back injuries such as lumbago, an injury that brings thousands of office workers to the head. The seat armrests must also fit the worker.
  • Adjustable height: height is essential to place the legs and knees in the proper position.
  • Base: A solid base should have five support points and soft bearings that allow a comfortable and fluid movement.

There are numerous offers of office chairs for each organization to find the models that best suit your company. Just consult and choose.

The office talks about the company

A office It also tells a lot about how a company is. The physical image of the company is a projection of your brand image and helps build a company's reputation. The values ​​that you want to associate with the company can be extrapolated to the office. And all this without resenting the functionality to be able to work. For that, in part, there is the interior decoration; the art of combining the elements to create an office in which work becomes more cozy and conveys.

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