One of pompoms

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One of pompoms

There are many tutorials to teach how to make paper pompoms whose use in decoration has been extended in recent years. We will not be less and we will offer you ours with an added bonus of ideas on how to use it later. Are you ready for a pompom?

Necessary materials:

  • Tissue Paper or Silk Paper (they sell it mainly in stationery shops or the popular Chinese stores)
  • Scissors.
  • Rope, tape or wire to hold it.
  • Sedal or fine rope to hang it.


For a single pompom we will use at least 10 layers of tissue paper, otherwise the pompom will not be sufficiently filled. Above this number, the more layers of paper you add to the pompom, the more spongy you will see.

  1. Start by folding the stack of tissue paper accordion with a width of about 2.5 cm, smoothing with your hand each time you make a fold. It is important to leave the folds well smoothed so that the pompom is well defined.

  2. Continue until you have folded the entire length of the sheet of tissue paper.

  3. Time to shape the corners of the pompom, a rounded cut will give it a flower shape, a cut in the shape of a tip will give it more star shape. You can try different possibilities and combine them without problem.

  4. Fold the accordion in half and tie it with string, tape or wire.

5 and 6. Now it is the most delicate, layer by layer, begins to separate them one by one towards the center, alternating one on each side.

7 and 8. So until you've made half the pompom. It is very important to do it slowly and carefully so as not to break the tissue paper.

  1. When you have finished half of the pompom, turn it around and do the same with the other side. Do not worry that there are some more crushed sides than others, because you can give it the final shape later.

  2. When you have separated all the layers, you have the pompom ready to hang. Remember to give the pompom a final touch when it is hanging by adjusting the layers of tissue paper. If you want to create the illusion that the pompom is floating in the air, use a line to hang it.


Once you have made your pompom, it is the most fun ... What can you do with them? We propose you 5 ideas:

1. Put them in the room of the little ones. Replace the classic baby mobile with pom-poms. These will capture your attention in the same way. Our advice is that you use intense and striking colors, but that also combine with the color palette of the room. Two in one, entertainment and style!


2. Use them at your parties. The pompoms look good for any type of festive event. They will give a very special and personal touch both in the most sophisticated of the parties, as in the children's birthday. Play, combine sizes and colors and mix with other festive elements to suit your own themed party.

Paper Pompoms

4. Make flowers. Choose the combination of colors that best suits your taste and style, tie each of the pompoms to a wooden rod as if it were the stem and place them in a beautiful vase. They will illuminate any corner of the house, especially those areas where you do not have natural light.

Paper Pompoms

4. Decorate for Christmas. Taking advantage of the proximity of the Christmas holidays, we suggest you use the pompoms to decorate your house. Combine them with the traditional decoration and you will have spectacular results. The choice of colors is important, if you are very traditional, stick to the basic colors such as red, green and white. If you are a little more daring, try decorating the tree in vivid and intense colors.



5. And finally, relax. You have already seen that they are easy and cheap to make, you have no excuses, if you need to take care of something that makes you evade and relax from daily worries, we suggest you make a pompom, or two, or three ... fill your house with pompoms, Give them to your friends and check that you are capable of doing something beautiful.


Go ahead and make your own decoration with pompoms and share "your pompom project" with us by registering in Casas Q Inspiran. We will publish an article with the most original and impressive projects. We are looking forward to seeing you!

We also want to thank Pompons de Papel who has lent us some of their photos.

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