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Decor : Organize the house – Perfect storage ideas for small spaces –


When the square surface is scarce, the storage solutions to organize the house will be the help you need and that magically changes everything (if you do not want to get rid of all your things, of course). But thanks to the search gives storage ideas for small spaces these are more abundant than ever. Yes, some require maintenance personnel (the power of a well-built recess cannot be overstated), but others are as easy as a simple reorganization. Below we’ve put together some particularly clever and easily adaptable storage ideas for organizing your home.

More people than ever are embracing the idea of ​​a compact life. Whether you are heading to an apartment or flat, a small townhouse, a house with a terrace, a vacation cabin or a work studio, successful reduction hinges on smart storage, flexible furniture and rush planning are what you need. Look for ideas to improve the image of your small space. Then read on.


Organize the House – Shelf Dividers

If your small space is a study, you could be trying to find ingenious ways to delineate the bed “bedroom” from the “living room” without knocking down a wall. Stacking boxes or even floating an open shelving unit will give you extra storage space while dividing the space.

Organize the House – Folding Desk

In many small rooms, it would be crazy to consider making room for a full-size desk. But you can’t write that novel in bed (well, you could, but it sure would be nice to sit in a chair once in a while), so slide a stool under the console table or find a folding desk where you can place it on the wall.


Organize the House – Kitchen Island with Storage Space

Store the extra dishes and multiple appliances you bought in your kitchen island cabinets. Never again wonder where to keep your tablecloths. Kitchen islands serve several purposes: Not only do they increase the amount of working space, but they are also full of storage potential. In this photo below, one end of the island has been transformed into a shelf, where recipe books and trinket trays are kept. This will help keep your table clutter free.


Organize the house – Wall seats

If your lease or budget allows, install a floating shelf on a low bench along a wall, or order one of an inexpensive material such as plywood and mount it as you can see in the room that they are shown in the photo below . Seats that don’t clutter up the floor space? Here it is.


Attached cutting board
Don’t you feel inspired to cook due to the small surface of the counter? We hate that our ingredients fall to the ground due to lack of space as much as you do. But there is a solution: Attach a cutting board for that extra space you need so much. Opt for one with different levels (or do it yourself and create your own mini bookshelf).


Board with holes in the wall
For easy rearrangement, good looks, and plenty of adjustable storage, consider a dash wall with hook space, like this cheery idea you see in the next photo. We often face a decoration dilemma: trying to make its four walls feel like home without causing any harm. Placing this shelf wall option is definitely a damage-free wall sticker that can be quite unpredictable. Being smart is one of the best ways to tackle the problem to make the most of vertical space in your home, study, or office.

Organize the house-ideas-board

Banks with storage space

Build a bench in that under-utilized corner of the kitchen, cover it with a custom cushion, and you’ll only need a round table and two small chairs to make it feel like a legitimate dining room – just make sure it’s the type of bench that can be opened from the top, so the storage factor is at its maximum. More and more homeowners are exchanging traditional table and chair settings for dining rooms and breakfast nooks, for both practical and aesthetic reasons. If you live in a small house or apartment, a breakfast nook with a small table and bench is a smart way to add a dining area to your home.

Organize the house ideas-bank

Convertible Furniture
Rather than opting for single-use pieces, consider adding furniture that can be easily converted to use otherwise. A drop down table can be a console, desk, or dining table, depending on how you set it up. And two consoles, side by side, can be rotated to be next to each other for bar-height table seats.

Organize the house -ideas-furniture

Storage under the stairs
Yes, you can go for glamorous accessories, or just get creative with the way you organize your furniture in that underused corner under the stairs. The area under the stairs is a valuable space in terms of storage and the value of this space is determined by the location. In most cases this area is more suitable to be used as storage instead of a more personal action area such as a study corner or a reading corner. If storage requires a degree of difficulty to access, it just won’t work in the long run! That is why it is important to make storage decisions in a really practical way and to store room items where they will be used.

Organize the house -ideas-storage-under-stairs

Stepped shelf
A quick reminder that shelves don’t just have to be on your walls. Eliminate clutter by stacking your things on a tiered shelf.


Entrance wardrobe
An entry closet serves as more than a place to throw away keys. A suitable console can house books, arts, trinkets, and even clothing that refuses to leave. Nothing says “welcome home” like a perfectly curated and functional entrance table or cabinet.









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