Original centerpieces – Ideas to decorate your table in the fall

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Original centerpieces - Ideas to decorate your table in the fall

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A centerpiece on your table is an object that has a decorative purpose. However, the original centerpieces are often not too large, to avoid difficulties with visibility around the table and to facilitate the service of the dishes. There are many original centerpieces that are often made of flowers, candles, fruits or sweets, depending on the occasion and the time.

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The centerpieces are an important part of the decoration for a wedding reception, baby showers, anniversary and birthday parties. Also on holidays, including Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, houses are often decorated with centerpieces to celebrate and enjoy.

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Some centerpieces are simple and others are elaborate, but everything in the center of the table is intended to attract attention and make a statement. It is undeniable, the centerpieces are important.

Original centerpieces for your dining room

With the arrival of autumn, these original centerpieces are the perfect way to give your dining room a makeover. When dealing with DIY fall centerpiece ideas, you don't have to look any further than in your own backyard. Fall landscapes are about showing the natural beauty of changing leaves and abundant crops.

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Gather bright leaves, fallen acorns and pineapples for quick and simple rustic displays. Use spun fabrics, such as burlap table paths, to complement the texture of natural materials or bright fabric, such as satin, to provide contrast. For discreet elegance, stick with monochromatic color palettes, such as shades of ivory and gold, and accentuate the arrangement with metallic elements and glass, if you wish.

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There is always the option of the striking pumpkins of all sizes, shapes and colors, just as other falls produce basic products such as dry corn among others. But you don't have to continue with the same ideas year after year. If you are short on time to make original centerpieces, you can also opt for simple handfuls of wheat, autumn candles, easy fall florals, or even a decorative display of dried corn that is as pretty as festive.

original flower centerpieces

Or, you could keep your original centerpieces with simple and elegant garlands. Decorations of neutral bottles and fun and edible products for your next family banquet. Whatever you are looking for, any of the many original centerpieces. These autumn table decoration ideas that we will indicate, are both economical and easy to make and are incredibly beautiful.

Single vase centerpiece

original garden centerpieces

You don't need to do your best with dozens of flowers just to create a wonderful autumn centerpiece. The individual stems in vases of shoots do the job very well and look incredibly sophisticated.

Centerpiece with flashlight

original lantern centerpieces

This is one of the original and truly simple centerpieces. Placing a lantern or garden lamp as part of decoration on your table, certainly attracts a lot of attention and is lovely.

Simple leaf arrangements

original centerpieces sheets

Placed in large glass vases, these leaf-covered branches look really impressive. A handful of pumpkins makes the table pleasant and colorful.

Al Fresco Arrangements

original flowers centerpieces

Lush and overflowing, floral centerpiece is anything but ordinary. The abundant flowers, which run all the way from the table under it, would work wonderfully for a harvest-themed dinner.

Original, simple and simple centerpieces

unique original centerpieces

You don't really need a massive centerpiece, complete with pumpkins, and other basic fall foods. Just to celebrate the season also think of individual and minimalist flowers. They are an impressive addition to this or any autumn landscape.

Pumpkin tray and low maintenance foliage

original green centerpieces

It's very simple, it's just a matter of organizing some pumpkins and foliage on a tray, seriously anyone can do this. It really is much easier than organizing fake pumpkins and foliage on a decorative tray, and the results seem amazing.

Modern metal original centerpieces

original golden centerpieces

Whether for Thanksgiving or a special autumn dinner at home, metallic pumpkins turned into vases of flowers on wooden slabs give style to the scene. You could also combine it with gold cutlery on display and it would be one of your original centerpieces that everyone will admire.

Mini pumpkins and eucalyptus

original eucalyptus centerpieces

This cool color contrast will look super stylish on any dining table throughout the season. If you plan to recycle a wooden box for future vacations, you can even bleach the exterior to obtain a perfect luxury farm environment.

Rustic pumpkins and pears

pears original centerpieces

You start with a linen table runner to keep the pumpkins in line, then add some pears and leafy branches to get more style.

Wheat wrapped in color

original attic centerpieces

This is one of the most unique and super easy ways to add color to your table. Feel free to separate yourself from the conventional red and orange tones of autumn by opting for any bright shade of your choice.

Vintage centerpiece with wooden box

original centerpieces box

A spacious vintage wooden box, either from your parents' garage or from a local flea market, offers plenty of room for festive fall decoration. You could use mini pumpkins, baby breath and cheerful yellow daisies for this spectacular centerpiece.

Mix and match plaid

original tables centerpieces

Go crazy with plaid to recreate this layered look with patterned table runners and autumnal flowers. Try using dahlias in roses, oranges and reds and pumpkins covered in cloth.

Centerpiece with apples candles

centerpieces velitas

The tealights make this autumnal apple arrangement romantic, while the ombre line and bright colors make it fun.

Blue Pumpkins and Flowers

original blue centerpieces

Skip the typical orange pumpkins and make your pumpkins explode with a little blue chalk paint and rich red flowers.

Eucalyptus Pumpkin Garland Centerpiece

original way centerpieces

This elegant arrangement of eucalyptus garlands and metal candles is festive. I could also add an orange checkered table runner and a series of small velvet pumpkins.

Mini pumpkins and hydrangeas

original centerpieces centerpieces

Hydrangeas and fresh pumpkins are a perfect combination. In addition, you can customize this look to complement your dining room or kitchen by choosing between white, pink or blue hydrangeas. Simply beautiful.

White Pumpkins and Berries

original berries centerpieces

In a matter of minutes, you can wrap fresh white pumpkins with colorful berries. Place it on a colorful autumn tablecloth and consider your board game for the season.

Pineapples and Candles

original pineapple centerpieces

Fill a leftover box or any rectangular container with some candles, pineapples, mini pumpkins and a variety of leaves and berries to create this festive display. When it comes to designing such a piece, feel free to let things fall and hang from the edges.

Metallic Corn Table Center

original corn centerpieces

For this rare centerpiece, cover approximately 14 ears of dried corn with gold and metallic copper spray paint. Once dry, glue the cobs with hot glue to the perimeter of a round vase. Tie everything together with golden raffia. Fill the vase with floral foam and add seasonal flowers as you wish.

Pumpkin Vase

original pumpkin centerpieces

Make a beautiful vase of pumpkin in simple. Just remove the upper quarter of a small pumpkin. Remove the seeds and pulp and fill them with floral foam and flowers. Surround your centerpiece with acorns, pumpkins and other seasonal items.

Apple candlesticks

original apple centerpieces

Use a kitchen knife to cut a hole about 1 inch deep at the top of some apples. A little narrower than the candles you are going to use, then place the wedge candles. You could display it alone or with stacked apples and eucalyptus.

Wheat cloches

original rice centerpieces

Here you just have to tie a handful of wheat with a rope. Put a cloche upside down and put the wheat inside, then cover with the base and invert it. Add leftover pieces of wheat to votive holders by securing with a rope.

Original centerpieces with beer bottles

original bottle centerpieces

They are excellent containers for displaying beautiful autumn flowers, empty beer bottles. So don't throw these bottles away and reuse them for a beautiful decoration arrangement.

Neutral drop centerpiece

original centerpieces fall

We agree that half of the fun of autumn is to decorate with the rich oranges, the red and brown colors that come with it. But that said, we must also mention that there is nothing wrong with opening your creative mind and trying to go natural on your table. It is equally spectacular and striking.

Original and casual centerpieces

original terrarium centerpieces

Fall foliage offers both drama and fresh flowers and bouquets. Simply cut some branches and place them in a water resistant vase.

Can of reused coffee

original centerpieces sticks

Using branches from your backyard, place them in an empty coffee can with hot glue to decorate the outside of it, and then fill the can with flowers. This is such an easy and simple arrangement to assemble that overflows with autumnal beauty.

How to make a last minute centerpiece

simple original centerpieces

Use real pumpkins and mini Indian corn, or you can also use what you have in your house. We will indicate some elements that you can take into account. With a bowl of any type and size it will be perfect and useful for last minute centerpiece. Add pineapples to the bottom of the bowl, enough to fill it about 1/2 full. If you want it to smell delicious, use cinnamon.

clean centerpieces

Add the Indian mini corn, but first, open the leaves and spread them. You can put 3 Indian corn on the side of the bowl resting on the pineapples. Use white pumpkins. Add 2 Indian mini corns to the other side of the bowl. Now add two anchoring elements opposite the Indian mini corn.

original centerpieces elements

Use an orange pumpkin and a small yellow pumpkin. Rest them on the pineapple filling. Now add a heavy top element, like a pumpkin with a tail and you can always add some more pumpkins. Try to accommodate them in the empty spaces in the arrangement. Continue adding pumpkins and pineapples.

original paloss centerpieces

Make sure your pumpkins are oriented in the same direction. There may still be gaps in your arrangement, but don't worry, just fill them out. Well now, fill your big gaps. Concentrate the fluff around the edge of the bowl, this will soften it a bit. The fluff really takes the arrangements to the next level. You can use small groups of green leaves and berries that you have.

original super centerpieces

Add some acorns. The smaller the element, the later it becomes available. Place the acorns here and there, as if they fell from a tree and landed. And if you wish you can include a couple of extra elements to your centerpiece decoration. Add one more pumpkin with fluff and some acorns next to your centerpiece. No doubt this will give an incredible finish to your decoration.

original easy centerpieces


Remember that centerpieces are often considered the most important part of decoration. Therefore, devoting more time and care in this aspect of decoration means that it will be an impressive centerpiece, where each family member or friend will have their eyes on it.

original metal centerpieces

Anything you choose to use as a centerpiece can be excellent, especially if you have chosen it to match your theme and place. With just a little more practice you can build a beautiful and abundant autumn arrangement in approximately 5 minutes. So make sure everyone notices, admires and remembers your centerpiece.

original strong centerpieces

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