Original centerpieces to decorate the table in autumn –

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Original centerpieces to decorate the table in autumn -

original centerpieces-pumpkins

Happy autumn! We are already in the most welcoming time and today we invite you to create original centerpieces to surprise your family this fall. That cozy and warm feeling, does not spend more time inside the house, and what better than to give an air of autumn to your table. Also with our easy tutorials we inspire you to make more family dinners. This will definitely awaken the Christmas spirit! But for Christmas we will talk later that there is time now enjoy these ideas and a season full of peace, warmth and happiness all this around the table with loved ones. Keep scrolling to see the first idea quickly and easily. This is a perfect centerpiece for the table!

original centerpieces-pumpkins-ideas

To make it you need several small pumpkins with variations of color and size. About 3 small succulents per pumpkin, knife to carve pumpkins. We advise you to use smaller pumpkins so that when you plant the succulents inside, the cavity is small enough and holds the succulents firmly. If your pumpkins are too large, the succulents will fall to the bottom (although you could use larger pumpkins, but fill the cavities well with paper towels or bubble paper or something bulky to plant the succulents. Succulents do not require much soil to survive .

original centerpieces-succulent-pumpkins

Begin by carefully cutting a hole around the stem of each pumpkin the hole has to be wide enough for succulents to have space. Clean the inside and seeds of the pumpkins. Remove each succulent from its plastic pot and separate approximately two thirds of the soil from the bottom: it is a very dry soil and will crumble easily with your fingers. By removing most of the soil from each succulent, you can group approximately three into one arrangement for each pumpkin. Combine different heights and succulent textures to create extra interesting pots. Place each arrangement inside the empty pumpkin cavity and press firmly.

Original centerpieces perfect for fall

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Autumn marks the beginning of the pumpkin season and prepares us for the chaos of the Christmas tree season. That said, this time also gives us the opportunity to spend time with friends and family that is the highlight. So, when planning a meal or dinner in the fall, it is impossible not to think about creating a warm and relaxing environment.

Original centerpieces perfect for fall

original centerpieces-pumpkin-garland

Be inspired by the next photos of a centerpiece arranged in muted neutral tones and organic elements so that your guests feel relaxed and ready for a delicious dinner.

original-color-neutral centerpieces

Yellow and orange have a leading role in the interior decoration scene in oroño and should definitely be present. But, to complement the orange of the pumpkins, you can use a pink cloth that is the center of the landscape.

original centerpieces-autumn-colors

original centerpieces-plants

Christmas is the favorite party of many but they still make a few months to start thinking about how to decorate the table and to practice we continue with more original centerpieces to decorate the table in oroño. If you love to prepare traditional dishes and meet around the table to share food with the family. Here we give you another idea to surprise everyone. So that you not only enjoy the food, creating a beautiful table could be fun!

Original centerpieces perfect for fall


In the next photos you can see a centerpiece inspired by a modern turquoise, burgundy and orange palette for table decoration, but you can use the colors you like! Mix some simple handmade items, such as sheets of paper stuck to the branches, napkin rings, hand-painted pumpkins and you'll have a nice centerpiece.


Use simple materials to create an elegant table. As an alternative to a tablecloth or table runner you can spread a piece of gauze cloth. Then place the table runner that you like on top. Decorate the table runner with colorful leafy branches, painted natural pine cones, a pair of gold-plated pumpkins and some candlesticks for a candlelit atmosphere.


This centerpiece that is like rainbows is exactly what your table needs to be ready for fall dinners! What was once a filling flower, now fits perfectly with the recent trend of using dried flowers to decorate the house. This flower may seem delicate, but do not be fooled she is a robust beast that can stand being covered with spray paint and run out of water for some time. Organizing and doing this project is very easy!

Original centerpieces perfect for fall


8 gypsopfila branches (or wedding veil its common name)

6 colors spray paint

3 foam cubes




A box to place the flowers while they dry.


Original centerpieces perfect for fall


Spread the plant on a table and divide it into equal sections. Then, divide a section of flowers into 2-3 stems and start painting, keeping the spray paint at a good distance. Just bring the spray can to touch up the flowers that may not have been painted. Do not soak the flowers. Repeat with the rest of the fores and colors until all the branches are painted.


Let the flowers stand dry in a box.

With a sharp knife, cut the foam cubes in half if necessary. Spray each medium sized bucket with a different color of spray paint and let dry. Keeping the natural bushes together, start cutting the stem flowers. You should keep enough flower stalks so they can be pushed into the foam cubes.


Cover 3 sides of the cubes with flowers by gently pushing the stems into the foam. If a stem bends or breaks, simply trim it and try again. It is fine if the flowers are not touching the foam organize them in a unique way and have fun doing it to your liking.
If you are going to store this arrangement overnight, let the flowers air for a few hours at a cool temperature. Then, once the paint smell has been removed a little, store them in the refrigerator until you are ready to decorate the table.

Original centerpieces perfect for fall



Nothing is as romantic as the lush and changing colors of autumn, and that is exactly what you can use as inspiration to create a glamorous autumn-inspired centerpiece! With a burgundy, cream, chocolate brown and gold palette, a centerpiece like the one you see in the next photos is perfect for a special dinner!

Original centerpieces perfect for fall


For your table you can use white tablecloths, golden sequin tablecloths and an autumn table runner. Place three large wooden plates in the center of the table, which serve as a decorative accent to hold the floral centerpiece of DIY pumpkin and foamy pumpkins painted with golden decorative accents of autumn leaves.


A meal in the garden can be an excellent alternative to take advantage of what we have left in good weather! With leaves in vibrant tones and fresh autumn air with a cozy feeling, the autumn weather creates the perfect setting for an impressive special meal! The beautiful centerpiece is elegant and rustic! You can get the look with just some beautiful supplies and our simple tips. Paint a box of golden apples and add fresh apples, fall foliage and colorful flowers to create the perfect themed centerpiece. Complete a classic and traditional part with floral centerpieces. You can add freshly cut red apples to your flower arrangements.

Original centerpieces perfect for fall

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<p style=Autumn is one of the most wonderful times to organize lunch or dinner outdoors. The air is cold enough so that outdoor lunches or dinners can be done without sweating or shaking all the time, so we show you one more idea of ​​original centerpieces for fall. We invite you to use burlap and include unique items such as baskets and pumpkins in the decoration of your original centerpieces.

Original centerpieces perfect for fall

center-table-garden-pumpkins "width =" 760 "height =" 506 "srcset =" https://ratemyhome.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/centro-mesa-jardin-calabazas.jpg 760w, https://casaydiseno.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/centro-mesa-jardin-calabazas-720x480.jpg 720w "sizes =" (max-width: 760px) 100vw, 760px "/></p>
<p style=To create this rustic autumn landscape, use a burlap as a tablecloth. With its rustic appearance, the burlap sets the perfect autumnal tone for the rest of the decoration. Create the center of the table with shiny fabric and reversible aluminum foil fabric in gold and silver. Then place baskets in the center of the table. These add an unexpected dimension and are a unique central piez. Fill the baskets with bright maple leaves.

center-table-garden-pumpkins-gilded "width =" 760 "height =" 506 "srcset =" https://casaydiseno.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/centro-mesa-jardin-calabazas-doradas .jpg 760w, https://casaydiseno.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/centro-mesa-jardin-calabazas-doradas-720x480.jpg 720w "sizes =" (max-width: 760px) 100vw, 760px "/></p>
<p style=The decorative pumpkin set adorned with a little glitter of golden spray paint certainly attracts attention. Use the pumpkins to anchor the centerpiece since the gold is combined very well with the autumn colors of the maple leaves.

center-table-garden-pumpkins-painted "width =" 760 "height =" 506 "srcset =" https://casaydiseno.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/centro-mesa-jardin-calabazas-pintadas .jpg 760w, https://casaydiseno.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/centro-mesa-jardin-calabazas-pintadas-720x480.jpg 720w "sizes =" (max-width: 760px) 100vw, 760px "/></p>
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center-table-garden-pumpkins-dishes-white "width =" 760 "height =" 506 "srcset =" https://casaydiseno.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/centro-mesa-jardin-calabazas -platos-blancas.jpg 760w, https://casaydiseno.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/centro-mesa-jardin-calabazas-platos-blancos-720x480.jpg 720w "sizes =" (max-width : 760px) 100vw, 760px "/></p>
<p><img data-count=Not all fall-inspired celebrations mean you should have an autumn-based color palette! It depends on the party you are going to organize, of course you can use traditional autumn decorations like pumpkins and leaves! Combine these classic fall decoration items with a modern, unique and beautiful autumn-themed pastel color palette!

Original centerpieces perfect for fall


Place a white linen tablecloth cover with a transparent cloth table runner.
To create a unique centerpiece that really emits elegant and autumnal airs, decorative pumpkin games cannot be missing. You can use pumpkins in a variety of pastel colors. It is best that your pumpkins come with various sizes for a diverse appearance. White gold-plated pumpkins intermingled with our pastel pumpkins for a high-end look. A good idea is to combine fake succulents with fresh flowers to get a bright burst of vegetation.


After seeing these photos of a modern and pastel autumn table, you will fall in love. You can also organize your own table in autumn pastel colors! With a lot of pumpkins, soft pastel colors and touches of elegant golden details, your guests will "fall in love" with this beautiful autumn-inspired celebration.



Original centerpieces perfect for fall



Summer days are coming to an end and the cool autumn weather will soon be here, which is giving us all kinds of fabulous fall sensations. The change of season inspired us to present you with another idea of ​​a contemporary autumn centerpiece! You will notice that we again overlook the traditional fall colors although you can see a palette of deep oranges, teal and copper to create a modern but rustic and romantic atmosphere.

Original centerpieces perfect for fall


Most of the decoration was created incorporating fresh autumn flowers, white gourds and gold-plated gourds and succulents painted copper. Everything to create an old look and some extra glamor touches. Miniature white pumpkins were placed in rose gold wire chandeliers in the center of the table. Copper metal lanterns with fresh autumn flowers.



If you like the boho style you will like this layered eclectic design. The style is very easy to achieve and works well with any color palette.

Light and airy fall decoration


Despite the intense colors, this table decoration gives a light and ethereal feel. A good idea is to combine the vibrant burgundy and navy blue but be careful not to feel heavy. To give it a romantic touch you can add some elegant bouquets of burgundy peonies with green leaf sprigs.


The style of the macramé table runner is the perfect boho detail for your table, which combines very well with the tones of natural wood and balances with the darker colors. A table center like this will add a dose of fantasy and fun to your lunch or dinner. A lush mix of bright autumn flowers in decorative bowls at the outer ends of the table to finish the image.



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