OSB board, a great alternative to dress our home

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OSB board, a great alternative to dress our home

OSB boards

OSB board It is a conglomerate board of great resistance and a comparatively lower price than wood. A material that can give the rooms the warmth that gives them this but with a touch of carelessness. If your goal is to create a modern, familiar and / or industrial-style environment in your home, consider this material!

OSB board features

An OSB board, Oriented strand board, is a type of chipboard formed by layers of pressed wood shavings. Each layer has an orientation perpendicular to the previous layer in order to achieve greater stability and resistance.

Both the size of the chips and their orientation on the surface of the board make perfectly identifiable although this board may vary in color depending on the species of wood used and the pressing conditions, from a straw color to a soft brown.

Osb board

He insulation and soundproofing they are probably some of its most outstanding technical characteristics. Slightly improved characteristics with respect to natural wood thanks to the incorporation of resins and additives in its manufacture. Thanks to these and the manufacturing process its resistance is also improved, avoiding knots, streaks or gaps that untreated wood can present and hinder its machining.

The additives incorporated and the treatments to which they are subjected make the difference between some OSB boards and others, classifying them into 4 groups that will determine its use:

  • OSB-1: Indoor use, basically furniture. This is the most basic range and its commercialization is currently very small.
  • OSB-2: Charging applications in dry environments.
  • OSB-3: Charging applications in relatively humid environments. It is the most frequent type of OSB board currently and the one that has the best value for money.
  • OSB-4: High load performance in relatively humid environments.

How and where to use it?

OSB boards can be used as a structural element, covering and for manufacturing all types of furniture, including kitchen or bathroom furniture. It is also relatively easy to customize them; You can buy sanding and prepared to be painted and draw on them different motifs like the ones you can see below:

OSB board painted

Wall and ceiling cladding

Probably among its many applications is its use as wall and ceiling cladding the most popular. OSB board confers great warmth to spaces as with natural wood. And in combination with materials such as concrete or steel it becomes a great option to decorate industrial style environments.

OSB wallcovering

In addition, its use is not discouraged in any environment, so it can be used to cover the walls and ceilings of kitchens and bathrooms. In these wetter environments, however, it will be necessary for them to be properly sealed.


They are an ideal surface to subsequently place some type of floating pavement as laminate floors, but also as a visible surface. They give a lot of warmth to the spaces and are especially interesting in spaces decorated with a Modern and minimalist style. In these they are usually accompanied by walls and furniture of the same material.

OSB in soils

Furniture and accessories

There are many designers who take advantage of their appearance to create furniture with a modern and casual aesthetics. Wardrobes, tables, and shelves made of OSB boards become an ideal alternative to decorate children's bedrooms, as well as kitchens and bathrooms in a modern style.

OSB furniture

Numerous decorative accessories made of this material can also be found. You can build yourself using an OSB board a wall clock, an inspiration board for the work area or boxes that help you organize this and that space in your home.

The OSB board possibilities They are huge, we just have to give it a try. Accustomed to wood this material may be enough for us at first, however, and as you have seen, using it you can shape elegant spaces of different styles. Do you dare with him?

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