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Decor : Package blinds

Do you know the packet blinds? Did you know that they are one of the easiest to install and clean alternatives on the market? We have visited the specialist page and we have taken note of their most popular models to help you find your ideal design.Don’t miss this post!

What are packet blinds?

A package blind It is a fabric curtain with a system of ropes and rings that allows it to be folded on itself. Unlike folding blinds, this type of curtain does not have a rod structure, which means that, when it is gathered up, its folds create interesting textures full of dimension.

This lack of structure makes it a very easy to clean product. The blinds are attached to the top of the wall with a velcro, which makes them easy to put on and take off. In seconds, your fabric blinds they will be ready to put in the washing machine.

Another advantage of paquetto blinds is the variety of fabrics and textures you can choose from. Coarser and matte finishes will create a casual, rustic effect, while satin fabrics will be more elegant. Personalization is also a strategic advantage, since you can coordinate them with the rest of the decorative elements, creating a monochromatic room or with color contrasts and focal points.

Do you like the timeless style? Go for fabric blinds with a satin finish

The made-to-measure linen packet blinds allow you to achieve a more classic finish than the roller blinds, since they will always be visible as if they were curtains or curtains. You can take advantage of this quality and use them in rooms where you want to avoid trends and bet on furniture, colors and decorative elements away from passing fashions.

The fabric you use in the packet blinds it will be decisive in the final finish. Therefore, if you want the room you are decorating not to go out of style, the most classic textiles will play in your favor. Go for smooth textures with little grain, such as cotton poplin or linen.

Polyester will also help you achieve an interesting effect thanks to its properties. On the one hand, as it looks somewhat brighter than natural fibers, it will allow you to create a visual sensation of lightness and sophistication. On the other hand, polyester does not create wrinkles or marks, so your package blind It will always look like new and you won’t even have to iron it when you take it out of the washing machine. As long as you dry it vertically, it will always be like new.

Looking for a rustic finish? Thick linen packet curtains are the solution

If, instead of a classic style, you prefer to decorate your home to create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere, the rustic style is one of the trends in decoration that is sweeping lately. In this case, the romantic aesthetic of the paquetto blinds it will serve to complement the rest of the elements of the room.

The play of light and shadow created by the folds and the lack of structure compared to the fabric blinds folding visually make them halfway between formal and functional. The dimension is a decorative resource that serves to add romance and nostalgia to any room. For this reason, matte and textured fabrics on package curtains they will help you create drama.

In this sense, rustic linen is one of the best alternatives. It will be a choice full of contrasts. The soft pleats of the rough fabric or the light passing through the thick fabric will add that characteristic charm of the country style. Don’t be afraid and use the roller blinds in this material in any room, not only in kitchens and dining rooms. The results will surprise you!

Are you decorating a formal space? The package curtains will be perfect

A very important trend in current decoration is the creation of contrasts and the intentional mix: the industrial with the rustic, the contemporary with the classic … All these opposites attract each other to create interesting details that break the monotony of a design interpretation. literal. Therefore, the package style is perfect in these environments. Offers the warmth and elegance of folding blinds with the texture and contrasts of fabric blinds without structure.

Use colors that combine with the rest of the room and break the monotony with textured fabrics, where the warp and weft can be clearly seen. This way you will give an unexpected turn in the decoration and you will be able to create an interesting space full of visual details.

As you can see, the packet blinds They are very versatile when it comes to decorating your home. They allow you to create classic and neutral spaces or fill the rooms with personality with contrasts and games of texture.

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