Paint the walls – The basic tricks you need to know

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Decor : Paint the walls – The basic tricks you need to know

Paint the walls

Paint the walls It is one of the jobs that we can all do, having the necessary paint. But it is true that if we want to have a more professional result, then nothing like always following some basic tips that will make everything go perfectly.

You’ll change the color of that roomHow boring are you? So first do not miss what we have for you, because you will surely love it. There are a series of steps that are main and that we cannot forget, even if we wanted to. Do you know which ones it is?

Paint the walls without using newspaper for the floor

It is true that when we start painting the walls, one of the basic and first steps is to cover the floor. So it is always the newspaper who does this task. But it is true that when we start to paint, the newspapers move, sometimes we can even slip and it is not a plan. Hence there are also alternatives such as plastics. Some thin plastics, which come as rolls and there are even models that have a simple adhesive that is fixed against the surface, without damaging it.

Tricks when painting

Repair wall damage

If you have them, it’s time to fix all damage that the wall in question might have. As flaws we make mention of those cracks that sometimes appear. So if you want to leave it perfect, you already know that you have to apply putty. Both you can prepare yourself combining the powder product with a little water, as well as using others that are already made. Be that as it may, you have to wait a few hours for it to dry well and then be able to sand. In this way, everything will be more uniform and you will go to paint.

Open windows and natural light

Once we have the floor completely covered with the plastic we have chosen, it is time to take the second step. a step that is focused on opening all the windows that we have in said room. It is best to do it wide, so that the area is well ventilated. Although it is true that the smell will remain, we need that the space is always well aerated. On the other hand, the purpose of this is not only to ventilate. But that it enters the maximum possible light, and that it is natural. Because in this way we will be able to better see the failures, if any, to correct them as soon as possible. In the same way, the color will also be much better noticed and if we need another coat of paint.

tips for wall painting

A coat of paint, or two?

Sometimes it is the quality of the painting itself that will give us the answer. Because sometimes we find a product that covers a lot, of high quality, and with which we only need one hand. It is true that when we are talking about walls that have rough finishes or the famous gotelé, then they will carry more paint than we think. If you are going to give it a decorative detail type finish, then remember that you need a primer sealer. So that, when passing the paint, it clings much better.

Always paint in the same direction

It is difficult to follow the same rhythm in the direction of painting. But the truth is that if we succeed, the result will also be much better. Therefore, the paint from top to bottom. In this way, we will avoid that a few drops of paint can fall through the central part, which is where we should not go. If you are going to give a couple of layers, remember that each one should be rather thin, so it is not necessary to take much product.

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