Pantone color 2021 to combine in your home decoration

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Decor : Pantone color 2021 to combine in your home decoration

Decorate with gray and yellow

We already know what the Pantone color 2021. Because like every year, this great trend is always presented, in the form of tonality, which we like so much and that throughout the year we will see it both in garments and in home decorations. Therefore, nothing like preparing for it, because it is about to arrive.

We will be very lucky, because it will not be only one color that will star in 2021, but there will be two. Two perfectly combinable ideas and more, if we talk about the home decor. Since we like it, we can always adapt various ideas to our environments. Are you ready and ready to find out?

What is the Pantone 2021 color?

Perhaps we have been very busy in other more important things and that is, 2020 has left us quite complicated moments for all of us. Hence, in the year that we are about to receive, we place all our hopes. So much so that even the Pantone color helps us because on the one hand it must be said that it comes like a ray of sunlight and literally. The yellow color will be one of the great protagonists. For many, it is a symbol of bad luck, but for others, a touch of joy that we well need. But yes, it is necessary to clarify, that it is about ‘Illuminating Yellow’.

Pantone 2021 colors

While on the other hand, we have the Gray. Yes, it also comes hand in hand with yellow and aims to make a more than special combination to decorate our home. Because between one and the other, they make that combination of sand and sun that always illuminates the beach. Something that takes us to another much more relaxing environment, which we need. Therefore, it is always a great help to bet on such a vital duo.

Yellow and gray for the living rooms

Without a doubt, one of the most used rooms is the living room. Because we spend a large part of the hours in it and as such, we need to have those colors that relax us and that continue to provide a great balance. As you well know, it is each and every one of them who influence our mood. So you can always go for the neutral color to mark the area, but add yellow strokes to finish it off. Brushstrokes that can come in the form of cushions or curtains and a chair or decorative details.

Yellow kitchen

Two-color combination for bedrooms

Undoubtedly, a bedroom with a lot of yellow color may not be as beneficial for rest as for example blue. But without a doubt, it will bring joy and of course, the touch of more style in every corner of the room. That is why we cannot resist such a special combination. In this case, we cannot forget to bet on giving just a touch of color to the nightstands, rugs or cushions again. Letting neutral colors take center stage in larger areas such as walls or furniture.

More light in the kitchen with the color yellow

How could it be less, if there is a place where you do have to bet on yellow, it is the kitchen. Because it will leave us more light and that is always appreciated. In combination with white or gray, we can maintain a finish full of vitality and style. Hence, to complete it, nothing like adding chairs in yellow, some shelves or the pieces that decorate the countertop, can have that tonality. Surely you will be able to give priority to that light that we mention so much, but it is that it is something basic, especially in areas with the kitchen, in which we also spend a lot of time.

Image: Pantone

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