Pear bean bag, an extra seat in which to relax

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Decor : Pear bean bag, an extra seat in which to relax

Pear puff

Are you looking for a fun piece to decorate a children’s space? Would you like to have an extra seat that does not take up much space to accommodate your guests? Do you want to create a unique chill out space in the garden? Pear beanbags can cover all those needs. They are functional and versatile pieces that adapt to all types of environments and designs, yours too!

Characteristics of the pear puff

The Pera Pouf is made by joining together several pieces that taper at their upper end and whose shape resembles that of a pear. Pieces that can be made in a wide range of fabrics and that generally are filled with expanded polystyrene high recovery and large volume. A key material that makes it possible for it to mold itself to our body and regain its original shape when we get up.

Polyester, cotton, suede, leather, crochet, velvety fabrics … Which fabric is the most successful? As often happens in these cases, there is no single correct answer. Reflecting on where they are going to be placed and what use they are going to be given is key to choosing the option that best suits our needs; because not all are equally resistant or easy to maintain. Thinking about both aesthetics and functionality will be the key to getting the most out of them.

Pear beanbag

An outstanding feature of the pear puff that makes it stand out from others is the dorsal support that it provides us. A support that guarantees us greater comfort and makes it an ideal alternative to decorate spaces dedicated to relaxation. The pear puffs also allow us to adopt multiple positions which allows us to use them to watch television, enjoy a good book or even work with the laptop.

It is also a piece easy to move thanks to the handle that generally incorporates in its upper part. Ideal to take advantage of it in winter indoors and in summer outside. Or to improvise seats for everyone in the room, gathering those that are distributed throughout the rest of the rooms.

Where to use it?

It is very easy to incorporate a pear beanbag both indoors and outdoors in our homes. Why? Because they are available in a wide range of fabrics, finishes, colors … They can fit perfectly in a contemporary living room but they are also a fantastic alternative to give a fun touch to the children’s bedroom.

Pear puff

The pear beanbags have a very fun design that we can enhance with bright colors and printed motifs. A feature that makes them a great alternative to decorate bedrooms and children’s play rooms. They also allow us to create with relative simplicity a space created for the little ones in the living room. How? Placing next to the puff pear a shelf and / or boxes with wheels for toys and delimiting the space with a rug.

They are also a great option to decorate small spaces in which we want to accommodate a large number of people. They do not take up too much space and are less heavy than a sofa, so they also offer greater dynamism in meeting spaces. You can place them in the living room but also create beautiful outdoor spaces dedicated to family relaxation.

Pear puff

By choosing the right materials, pear beanbags can also live in the outdoor areas of our homes. Create one chill out area on the terrace with two or three pear puff is very simple and economical. Imagine yourself at sunset having a drink with a friend or enjoying moments of games with your children. The versions made of waterproof, water-resistant polyester fabric are more popular for this and, no wonder, they need very little maintenance!

Do you like pear beanbags to decorate your home? Do they seem as practical and versatile a piece as they seem to us? They are not comfortable for people of all ages and conditions, but in most cases they can become a great ally.

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