Pellet stoves, ecological heat, durable, cheap and more comfortable

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Decor : Pellet stoves, ecological heat, durable, cheap and more comfortable

Pellet stoves are the ideal, ecological and cleaner solution to acclimatize and warm the home. These heat generators use blocks or bricks of pressed wood to carry out combustion, all within a closed chamber that would be the fireplace or stove. The pellet is a biomass made up of different wood remains, usually from pruning.

This fuel is made up of biomass, that is, it is made up of biological remains of both recycled wood and wood of forest origin. It is important to note that there are many types of pellets in the market, and depending on how they are, they will have different quality certificates. In addition, depending on their quality, their chlorine content, hydrogen content and the amount of ashes they generate may also vary.

pellet stoves

Pellet certification

They can stand out two basic types of pellets if what is taken into account is your certification:


It is the certificate issued by the European Pellet Council (EPC) and is the most recognized by buyers in the Spanish market. It is also regulated by the Spanish Association for the Energy Recovery of Biomass (AVEBIOM).


It is the certification offered by the German certification body DIN CERTCO and it is a seal present in pellets that are derived from virgin wood and that follow international protocols. Its use lengthens the useful life of the stove.

Likewise, they can also The pellets are classified into three types, according to their quality:

Class A1

They are made with virgin wood from forest resources that have not received any type of chemical treatment. That is why they contain very little amounts of ash, chlorine and nitrogen.

Class A2

The only difference with the previous ones is that they contain a greater amount of ash, nitrogen and chlorine.

Class B

They are pellets made from recycled wood and industrial waste. They are the most ecological of all, since they take advantage of the remains of other waste, giving value to what would otherwise be discarded in nature. Chemically treated woods are not used and it is one of the most purchased pellets on the market.

Benefits of having a pellet stove

The advantages of pellet heaters are numerous, including: since Ecoforest emphasize that it is an ecological, renewable form of heating and that hardly contributes CO2 emissions. The thermal comfort they offer is very high thanks to the fact that they have a high calorific power and a fairly high yield. In addition, the fuel they use is of stable price and quite inexpensive.

To that we must add that there is multitude of models of pellet stoves that will be perfectly adapted to the needs of each consumer, both from the aesthetic point of view of each home, and from the energy point of view. In this way you can find absolutely modern and minimalist models that almost look like paintings thrown on the wall, even more classic models with more rustic finishes and that will adapt perfectly to more classic rooms. Its models, regardless of the exterior style, are quiet and powerful.

The pellet stove is a heating system that uses recycled biomass as fuel, either wood pellets, but also other biofuels such as olive pits or almond shells. In other words, their sustainability lies in the fact that the fuel they use is clean, renewable and ecological.

At Ecoforest they offer customers pellet stoves that have a innovative operation and committed to respecting the environment. These are high-performance devices with great calorific power. Throughout its thirty-year history, they have developed a series of stoves of different designs, with different features and of different styles to meet the demand of their customers. It is the leading European manufacturer of pellet stoves.

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