Photo Frames – The best ideas to make them at home

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Decor : Photo Frames – The best ideas to make them at home

Photo frames

We know that Photo frames they can be available to everyone in any store. But the originality resides when we can make our own at home. Yes, you can get carried away by the most creative and simple ideas, with materials that you will surely also have at your fingertips.

So, if you want to do a bit of crafts, do not miss the ideas that we leave you, because surely when you get down to work you will not buy more frames. A perfect way to personalize all your images, from the smallest to the largest. We started!

Photo frames with cardboard

It is one of the fastest and easiest ideas. Because surely at home you have some cardboard or cardboard, which would also be worth. When you have found it, you must crop it according to the size of the image you are going to place. You can make it bigger or smaller, according to your preference. When you’ve cut out the frame, you can customize it. That is, you can stick stickers, beads or whatever comes to mind. Now is the time to put the back of the frame that you can do with a piece of paper that you will paste over the frame, but leaving the top open. Thus, we will place the image through said opening and that’s it.

Frame with wool

It is another of the most recurrent ideas because they will help us in several cases. On the one hand if you have a deteriorated frame or that you don’t like very much and on the other hand, because you can make it out of cardboard and cover it with wool. Two perfect ideas for which we must first choose the color of the wool with which we are going to work. You just have to go around the new frame, the wool. To prevent the wool from opening or getting loose from any corner, it is best to apply a little white glue and it will stick completely.

Frame with magazine sheets

Of the ideas that we love and that is, we can recycle all those magazines that we have at home in a practical and perfect way. So we start by rolling up the sheets of paper. You can help yourself with a wooden toothpick and roll the paper around it. Later, when we have the roll, we will have to remove the toothpick. Secure all the rolls by putting a little glue on the bottom. Now is the time to make your frame that can be with cardboard again. The width of it is already something that we leave to your choice, but in each part you can stick two or three paper tubes. You will have to cut them to size, paste and you will have your frame in the blink of an eye.

Photo frames with ice cream sticks

Sure now in summer you will have no problem gathering the necessary ice cream sticks to enjoy a new photo frame. The wider the sticks, the better. You must first paint or decorate the popsicle sticks. One of the quickest ways to do this is by gluing on washi tape. Now you have to assemble the frame and for this you need to place two sticks vertically and the rest on them horizontally. All well glued to make a different frame. On these already decorated sticks you will put your favorite photo. If you put some adhesive magnets on the back, you can now decorate your fridge with these special photos.


If the one with the ice cream sticks seems simple to you, you cannot miss this other idea. It is about the corks that can also cover a nice photo frame. To do this, you will need a base that can be made of cardboard and that is wide. Since in it we will place the corks around it. You can join two by two both horizontally, vertically or even diagonally. The effect is amazing!

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