Photos Of Rooms Decorated With Blue Sofas

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The rooms with blue sofas are still used to decorate our home, because, in addition to being the favorite color of many of us, it can help us to transmit relaxation and tranquility.

If you are looking to coordinate your sofas with the rest of the room environment, here are some ideas that can help you to get a magnificent copy.


There are several varieties of blue color and different styles of sofa design, to get to combine it with other colors in the decoration, the safest thing is to go for the neutral tones, especially for the area of ​​the walls, light and earthy tones such as beige, sand, cream, among others, are usually applied. The White is another option and also the Gray, a very popular tone today and an ideal combination for men’s rooms.


Include contrast colors In a coordinated way in the cushions, curtains, rugs and some ornaments, it will allow your room to look very harmonious, especially those shades of orange, red or yellow.


So we also see that the combination with green, another cool hue, helps spice up the living room with blue sofas. Small doses of this color reflected in cushions, plants, ornaments or blankets, can help the room look very relaxing and with vitality.

Source: Decorpad
Source: Decorpad

Another option used to decorate your living room with sofas in blue is to include shades monochromatic with different ranges of the tone of your sofa in the environment.


One way to add warmth to the room with sofas of this color is to include different textures and patterns in the decoration, for example, a leafy carpet or with geometric patterns, wooden or glass tables, or cushions of different shapes, varied fabrics and colors.


The blue gray It is a great alternative to include in the decoration of a men’s room, as we see in this issue.

room-decorated-sofa-blue-3A set of blue sofas are the perfect complement to create a decorating scheme nautical style. Striped patterned rug, sailboat plaid and wave pattern cushions can help us achieve this.


A blue room can look very formal and feminine as we see it in this room design.


A artwork Above the sectional sofa, it can become the focal point of the room where it also features touches of neon yellow that are dispersed in various decorative elements of the living room.


This living room with furniture blue leather and green walls, create a very pleasant and casual environment. Leather is an easy material to clean especially when we have children at home where drink spills are very frequent.

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