Pistachio color for your home

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Decor : Pistachio color for your home

pistachio green

If you like pistachio color for decorating your home, don’t miss what we are going to tell you now. We are going to tell you how to decorate with pistachio color for your home, so you can see how you could decorate your home and your different rooms with this beautiful and functional color.

The choice of color palette should always depend on the functionality of the particular room. Rest and relax: in the room, in the office, we want to keep the tone, the bright accents that we add to the children’s room, and in the living room, we want to show our design skills.

By combining the space of the premises, color can be used as a zoning element, while in small rooms color is used for a visual increase in volume. Do not miss how to use the pistachio green color in each of the rooms, do not lose detail! It will look great and you can enjoy this tone in any of the rooms you choose.

Living room and green pistachio

Pistachio color is often chosen as a color of decorative elements – curtains, sofa cushions, rugs. Thanks to the bright details, the living room will look original and fresh. If you want a clear and fresh image of the room with shiny surfaces, use a light shade of pistachio, bleached color for upholstery and textile decoration.

pistachio green


A light pistachio color is often used to decorate rooms. The pastel pistachio color is calm, but not boring. It is fresh but at the same time relaxing, so it is perfectly suited to the decoration of the bedroom. It will be an excellent background for bedroom furniture.

Kids room

Even specialists recommend this color for decorating children’s rooms. Decorate the walls with light tones and apply the bright tone for the decorative elements: textile design for the window and bed, shiny upholstery, rugs and lampshades.

Dining room and kitchen with pistachio green

The light pistachio color in the kitchen design can be used for the facades of a furniture set. It will look great in interior styles like Provence, Country or Shabby Chic. If you want an elegant and bright kitchen image, use a white background and kitchen cabinets with pistachio facades. A non-trivial colorful image picture: choose a brighter background and add a light pistachio cooking set.

The bathroom

The choice of bright shades for the intensity of pistachio colors in bathroom decoration largely depends on its size. The bathroom is usually a small room with no window, so it is best to use bright tones as an accent. But if the bathroom has good lighting, then look for more colorful solutions.

As you can see, the pistachio green color can be a great idea for decorating your home, just choose which room you want to favor it with this beautiful color.

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