Place your sofa to fill your living room with style

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Decor : Place your sofa to fill your living room with style

sofa with armchairs

In the vast majority of occasions we opt for a sofa and always place it near one of the main walls of the living room. Well, it is a common and perfect practice for when we want to make the most of every corner, but there are many more ideas.Place your sofa it can be much more!

Because sometimes there is nothing like more practical and original ideas, that completely change some of the ideas we have in mind. In addition, there is always something for all tastes and to place your sofa also depending on the measurements you have available. Are you prepared or ready to bet on the change?

When we have space, two sofas facing each other

If you have a wide area, then you can bet on one big sofa. We all know that, but perhaps it still gives the feeling of spaciousness, so there is nothing like opting for an idea that also adds the warmest touch to the home. So it is best to place one in front of the other. Buy two of two or three seats and place them in the aforementioned way. Of course, it is always a great idea, especially when we leave a hole in the middle to place a coffee table.

Ideas to place your sofa: Accompanied by two chairs

It is true that the sofa is always one of the great protagonists in the living room decorn. But it is also true that sometimes, we will get carried away by other complementary ideas. One of which is to combine both a two-seater sofa and two simpler chairs. Yes, again and like the previous idea, nothing like betting on the same style or combining colors. We will place them around a coffee table and if you want, also together with a rug. This will create a very special corner that will be another of the warmest touches that we will need.

L-shaped sofa

The chaise longue in your decoration

Without a doubt, it is one of the most used sofas and it does not surprise us. Because having a ‘L’ shape, it will fit in all kinds of rooms, but the smallest ones will be delighted to have it as a base. For this reason, it is a current idea that at the same time also has that advantage that it can be adapted to many decorations. So, if we have doubts or want to generate more space, we will always end up thinking about it.

Sofa and Puff

As before we mentioned the sofa combined with two chairs, you can also choose the puff. Because they are low seats and they help to complete our decoration. In addition, they will be perfect for rooms that do not have too much space. Thus being able to place them around or in a more comfortable way as needed. Of course, in this case it is not always necessary that they wear the same color combination. That is why if you keep a decoration in neutral or basic tones, then you can give it the most colorful touch with the beanbag. Since today it is common to see them with prints and in full color. Isn’t that a good idea?

puff sofa

Classic sofa with armchair

Another combination that we propose is that of a armchair more spacious that will go right in front of or near the sofa. But it is true that the latter will not be the biggest nor will it have a minimalist finish. Rather, we opted for the more classic style or with retro touches. The touch of wood will go together with a very stylish decoration that we cannot forget either. Of course, if you opt for beige colors on sofas or armchairs, the most colorful touch may be centered on the rugs.

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