Planters with pallets to fill your garden with color

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Decor : Planters with pallets to fill your garden with color

Planters made with pallets

In the last decade the use of wooden pallets to create furniture with which to decorate our homes has spread. Why? Because pallets are an economic raw material; the possibility of recycling those that serve us with certain orders or that are abandoned in the works lower the price of our projects.

There are many pieces of furniture and accessories that we can create from pallets and working with them is relatively simple. At Bezzia we have previously made sofas and shelves with them and today we transfer their versatility to the garden. If you think your garden needs a change, the planter boxes with pallets that we propose to build today can help you make it possible.

Wall planters

The vertical gardens They are a great alternative to decorate both interior and exterior spaces. You can use them to color the front porch combining different flowering plants or next to the kitchen to grow aromatic herbs to use them in your dishes.

Wall planters

Creating vertical gardens from pallets is relatively easy. You can use the pallet itself as a support using the legs as a planter. You only have to add a base to the legs to turn them into a planter and be able to plant cascading flowers on them. You will not find another simpler and cheaper way to decorate a bland exterior wall.

Are you willing to work a little more? By reconfiguring the pallet you can achieve very striking wall planters you just have to pull creativity. Whatever the final design, in order to protect the wood, our recommendation is that you use plastics, fabrics and / or meshes containing the substrate. So you can enjoy the planters for longer.

Simple Planters

Not all our proposals have to be hung on the wall. In addition to vertical gardens, you can create simple planter pallets to present the plants on your terrace or garden. What will you need for it? One or more pallets and some tools to disassemble and reconfigure the parts of the pallet: saw, sandpaper, drill, hammer, bits …

Planters with pallets

You can create planters with large pallets to plant your fruit trees and change the appearance of your porch. The square shaped planters They are the simplest from the factory, but you can dare with hexagonal or octagonal designs.

The planter boxes with wheels Medium in size are another great alternative; They will allow you to move it when you need the space for something else. And yes, you can also cheer up and make hanging planters; perfect for the smallest spaces since they do not take up useful floor space.

Planters to separate environments

The height of a pallet can be enough to create boundaries between different areas of the garden or achieve some intimacy in those areas within sight of the neighbors. If your objective is this, you will need two pallets, one to create a planter and another as a support so that the plants can climb and provide you with privacy.

Planters to separate environments

Do you only have a pallet? Don’t worry, there are other ways to achieve the same goal that can be as interesting or more interesting. You can combine the planter with a wooden lattice or metal lattice, depending on the style you want to give your garden. Don’t set limits; combining the pallets with other types of elements will help you create more original elements.

To separate the different environments you will need to place them in the planters climbing plants. At Bezzia we shared with you not long ago 4 floors of this type to cover facades and walls that you could well adapt to this project, do you remember them? They would also be a great choice jasmine, bougainvillea and crematis, among others. Plants that usually decorate the porches and pergolas of our gardens.

There are many ways to create planters with pallets; we have only collected some of them. Not all require the same work or the same tools. Keep in mind when facing a new project that a certain tool may be essential and that if you do not have it, acquiring it could be a significant investment.

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