Polished concrete, the perfect floor for industrial warehouses

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Decor : Polished concrete, the perfect floor for industrial warehouses

When choosing a floor for an industrial warehouse, the most important thing is that it is a floor that guarantees durability since heavy machinery will circulate on it. Among all the possibilities that we can find in the market, polished concrete has become one of the best options for this type of building, thanks to the fact that it is a material that offers great resistance and prevents any type of abrasion. But if the question you ask yourself is how to polish concrete, don’t worry because there are companies that are in charge of doing it.

How is polished concrete obtained?

To achieve a polished concrete floor, it is necessary to apply a treatment in which the surface is sanded and it is polished until a smooth texture is achieved as possible. Once this texture has been achieved, it is sealed with a special concrete sealer. Here we can find two types: penetrating and superficial. The penetrating sealant that reaches the concrete core achieving a better result. It is the one used by the company specialized in polished concrete BECOSAN. Through its use, the pore is sealed, preventing future wear of the superficial part of the soil.

But when applying a polished concrete floor, it is important to take into account a number of conditions. The first thing will be to ensure that the area where the polished concrete will be placed is smooth, hardened and cured. It will also be important that it is a clean area, that is, there are no elements that can interfere. When we talk about elements we are referring to holes, screws or any other type of damage and stains. In the event that these conditions cannot be met, what should be done is a prior process of preparing the area to start the work.

Throughout the process, special machinery is used to achieve the desired polishing and sealing, so that the products are well seated. When the process ends, what you get is a glossy finish that offers greater resistance to heavy machinery and other objects that could damage it.

To all the aforementioned, it should also be noted that this surface offers greater ease of cleaning, making it the ideal choice for all types of industry.

Advantages of using polished concrete

Among some of the most important advantages offered by the use of this type of soil, we can find:

  • By absorbing less water due to its characteristic, it creates less dust in wear, which translates into less time to keep them clean.
  • It offers a very long useful life, ideal for spaces that suffer a lot from wear and tear.
  • It is a material that improves over time.
  • It offers great resistance to weather phenomena, so it can be used outdoors without problems.

In the case of thinking about using polished concrete in your industrial warehouse, the BECOSAN company, which we have previously named, will be able to advise you on the best option for your case. A company with more than twenty years in this sector.

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