Pool cover ideas

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If you want to get the most out of your pool, we will tell you how you can achieve it with cupoola pool covers. If what you are looking for is protection for the winter months, we are going to show you other types of covers that can help you take care of it until next summer.

High covers

For those who want enjoy the pool all year round, tall decks are ideal. You have many models to choose from, with very different finishes that will allow you to get it to be integrated into the landscape. To give you an idea, you can find tall roofs with a wood effect finish, industrial type or with large crystals that make it almost transparent.

Another element that you will have to choose is what type of structure you want. The fixed structure It has side folding doors through which you can access the interior of the same, while the telescopic structure It allows you to open it in different ways so that you can access it through different places and, in turn, depending on the season of the year, you can open it in different ways to enjoy it to the fullest.

Low decks

The low covers are for those who want to enjoy the pool during all months of the year, since they offer great protection to it and, unlike the previous one, its strong point is that this cover is that does not attract much attention. It is a great option for those who have little space and a high deck is more of a visual agglomerate than a place of enjoyment, as it minimizes the visual impact.

You can find very elegant and sophisticated designs, with uncut bows that look really pretty. As for access, it is located in a side area of ​​it, at your choice. You will see that they are very resistant models.

Flat roofs for winter

Winter covers are those that offer a high protection to the pool. They are heavy covers, which you can find in different thicknesses depending on your budget, just as you can find them in different materials. This type of cover helps prevent algae from growing in the pool.

If we focus on the Cupoola designs, you will find flat roofs with a very elegant design, which blend in with the environment and offer security as well as resistance. So much so that from the firm they assure that you can use the surface as a terrace during the winter months, so you will never lose space in your home.

Net covers for clean water

This type of cover is the most basic that you will find in the market and is intended only for keep it clean. The nets are used to prevent fallen leaves, branches or other types of objects that are not wanted in the water.

Solar covers

If you are looking for a cover that allows you to enjoy the water throughout the year, that is a long-term investment and that is responsible with the environment, solar covers are your thing. They use the energy from the sun to create heat, keep the pool hot water and be at an optimal temperature.

Tarpaulin covers

For the lower budgets You have the option of buying a canvas cover to protect your pool during the colder months. With this option you will not be able to enjoy the pool throughout the year nor will you be able to reuse the area, since the canvas has nothing to do with the flat covers that we indicated earlier. It is an economical option but, if you want more security, bet on one of the previous options.

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