Pools designed for disconnection during the summer

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Decor : Pools designed for disconnection during the summer

In summer, when the heat is at its worst, everyone wishes they could have a swimming pool in their home where they can dive to cope with the high temperatures. Those who have a garden, but do not have a swimming pool, are the ones who most often regret not carrying out a reform to install one in it. When taking the step for its construction, it is important that a company that has experience in the sector does it, that is able to advise us on all aspects and that makes our ideas come true. There are so many parameters to take into account that it is important to make good decisions and have the right advice so that our dreams come true without jumping over.

As many questions often arise when taking this step, the KnowHaus company has answered the most common.

Build a pool on a budget

Although there is a tendency to think that a swimming pool is an expensive luxury, at the moment it is not so. It is possible to have one of them at a reasonable price, but you have to take into account the quality of the materials, lighting or coating to be used.

Pool size

It is possible to build pools of any size. From those that go a few meters, to others much larger, with different depths.

Time required for its construction

In this case, it will depend on the size of it, but between excavation, construction, installations, machinery and set-up it usually takes between a month and a half and two months. But above all it will depend on the size of the pool.

Tips for those who want to build a pool

We make them reflect on the use they want to give it: if it is a swimming pool for bathing or swimming, if they are going to use it all year round or only seasonally, if they need a lot of depth, if they have children and protection and security systems must be installed , etc … and of course we value the image you want to achieve in the pool.

Location limits for swimming pool construction

The main element that marks the location of a pool, beyond the available space is the degree of insolation. Because a pool must have the maximum degree of solar influence, otherwise in my opinion, it will be a failure. From here we can place it anywhere as long as the structure of the building allows the load of water, in the case of multi-family buildings as long as the declaration of new construction and the community bylaws allow it and in the case of indoor swimming pools It is very important to take into account ventilation and dehumidification, because if these elements have not been well studied and are not operational, the pool can cause permanent damage to the home and affect the living conditions.

Examples of pools built by KnowHaus

Bernat Desclot, Can Rabia and Gava Mar (from left to right)

Three projects that share a geometric and minimalist aesthetic. The Can Rabia project has the particularity that the pool is located on the roof of the building and is built on a platform above the level, creating a solarium effect. This style works well in pools of all sizes and offers a polished image that can stand out with all types of outdoor furniture.

Villa Brava, Torrent de L’Empordà and VILLA CA ZABA, Formentera (left and center), Lo Curro, Santiago de Chile. (right)

The first two are projects located in a rural environment for which coatings and pavements attached to the pools were chosen from natural materials with texture such as stones. The set praises with a selection of outdoor furniture in which natural fibers and rustic-style accessories stand out.

The Lo Curro project is truly unique, a small pool located on a covered terrace with spectacular views of the outside.

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