Portable, sanitary toilets that offer great advantages

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Portable, sanitary toilets that offer great advantages

We are sure that throughout your life, you will have had the opportunity to use a portable toilet. It is common to find them in the celebration of parties, sporting events, fairs or construction works, to give just a few examples. Although everyone knows it as a portable toilet, it is also known as a portable chemical toilet, bathrooms that lWe can find you from different models that range from the most basic to some that can be really luxurious. The most important of all, is that this type of bath offers important benefits that make them essential to provide toilets to those places that do not have a water supply or that cannot meet all the needs demanded. Let's see below what are its main advantages.

Sustainability with water use

One of the most important advantages, if not the most important, is the significant water savings of using this type of portable toilet. It is estimated that through its use, you can save more than 470 million liters of water per day. This is because it is not necessary to use the average 8 liters used by a conventional tank. Portable toilets, with a 20 liter cistern and the use of treated and biodegradable products that disinfects, can have up to 300 uses.

Protect water quality

By having an own deposit, it allows them to be self-sufficient and to function without being connected to the sewer system. After using these bathrooms, the technicians specialized in cleaning are responsible for emptying these deposits, transporting the waste to the nearest treatment plant for proper treatment.

Adaptation to any environment

In addition to being elements that are very easy to install, by not having to connect to the sewer network, its great mobility makes them perfect to be able to install them in any environment, adapting to the needs in each case. Thanks to this it is possible to find it on public roads, in works, concerts and even on the beaches.

Save lives

That said it may sound very strong but in the event of any natural disaster (earthquakes, floods ...) accessing the sanitation network is usually complicated because it is broken or badly damaged. Unhealthy conditions and a damaged sanitation network can be the cause of disease such as cholera or dysentery, which may appear at any time in these conditions.

Through the use of portable toilets, vital hygiene services are provided with the idea of ​​preventing further suffering and devastation by eliminating the contamination of drinking water and the spread of diseases.

Dignity for people

Having a sanitation service is a key factor in enjoying good public health, as well as being a moral obligation. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to these types of services, having to do their outdoor needs, which translates into disease risk.

The use of portable toilets in the distant and not so distant communities around the world brings more security, more health and more dignity to users.

Productivity increase

It is estimated that on average, a person spends 18 minutes in the toilet. This time is increased if the workplace does not have a toilet. The presence of portable toilets in the workplace, they help increase productivity by preventing workers from having to move outside their workplaces. In this sense, the construction sector is one of the most favored.

In addition to what we have commented. What other advantages do you think portable toilets offer? Encourage and share with us all your comments. We are waiting for you!

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