Practical shelves with pallets to decorate your home

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Decor : Practical shelves with pallets to decorate your home

Shelves with pallets

The use of wooden pallets To create furniture has spread in the last decade. It is one of the trends to decorate our homes and there are several reasons for this. The most important is, without a doubt, the possibility of recycling pallets that serve us with certain orders or that are abandoned on site.

Pallets are an economical raw material with which we can create coffee tables, outdoor sofas or practical shelves. Working with them is also relatively easy; You just need to know some tips that we share with you today to do it. Once done, you can create shelves with pallets like the ones we propose today.

How to work with pallets

Working with pallets is, as we have already mentioned, a economic alternative. Also simple although there are some considerations that we will have to take into account when working with them to create practical shelving. And what are those considerations?


  1. Clean the pallet and let it dry completely before starting to handle it, especially when it is recycled.
  2. Select the pieces to be used and disassembled carefully to prevent chipping. A lever and a jigsaw and / or a manual crosscut saw will help you in this process.
  3. Sand the pieces before assembling to remove rough edges and chips. For this you will only need a medium abrasive grain sandpaper that will always pass in the direction of the wood grain.
  4. Varnish or paint the furniture to achieve the desired finish and guarantee maximum durability. Applying a coat of varnish, even if it is transparent, is essential when the furniture is to be placed in an outdoor space in order to protect it from inclement weather.

Shelves with pallets

We can use one or more pallets to make a shelf. And use them in different ways, as you will have time to check. The ideal is to start with individual shelves, simple but very practical furniture that can also give a personal touch to any room in your home. And then continue with more complex furniture with greater storage capacity.

Wall shelves

Wall shelves turn out practical in any room of our home. We can use them in the kitchen, to organize spices or oil bottles; in the children’s bedroom to organize the stories of the little ones; or in the hall, to leave the keys or for mere decorative purposes.

Shelves with pallets

To make some of these shelves you will have to completely disassemble the pallet and start from scratch. Other projects, however, will allow you to use complete parts of it and assemble them. Playing with the pieces you can achieve results like the ones in the image that will allow you organize different objects.

Wall furniture

Once the ice is broken, you can try to make more complex furniture. Furniture that will generally serve a specific purpose: as a piece of furniture for the TV in the living room, as a bookcase for a reading corner or as a green corner on the balcony or terrace.

Furniture with pallets

This type of furniture will not go unnoticed and will give the room an original and personal touch. With a natural finish This type of furniture will fit perfectly in Nordic-inspired environments, but they will also fit in modern and casual spaces. Making the grain of them more visible and using darker varnishes, instead, will help you reinforce the rustic style of a home. You can also paint them, white being the most popular color to do it.

Did you like the pallet shelving ideas? You only have to get one or two pallets to create something similar. If you are lucky you will have one already at home, received with a piece of furniture that you ordered online. If not, you can start by asking any builder who works on residential works or any local distribution center. It sure doesn’t take long to get them at a good price!

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