Prepare our terraces to enjoy the summer

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Decor : Prepare our terraces to enjoy the summer

There is no better place in the house to enjoy the summer than to relax outdoors in the patio, garden or terrace. For this, it is important that they are conditioned to get more out of them. In this sense, ceramics has become the ideal complement to take full advantage of these outdoor spaces because it is a durable material that easily withstands the passage of time and inclement weather.

Ceramic tiles are perfect when conditioning or giving new functions to outdoor spaces. The decision on the format, size and way of placing the ceramic pieces become key factors when integrating the space into your environment.

Terraces for all styles

Summer becomes the perfect season in which to enjoy our terraces, whether large or small. Spanish ceramic brands offer us infinite possibilities with which to design or rehabilitate these corners, adapting them to our needs and making them the favorite spaces of the house during the summer season.

The different shades of ceramic tiles are essential when it comes to giving personality to any of the exterior spaces of the house. The scales of white, beige, raw and tan or the shades of gray, put us in tune with the environment. At the same time, choosing one type or another of format and playing with the placement can bring a touch of contemporaneity or tradition to the whole.

Viewpoints that inspire

A family meal, reading a good book or a quiet nap are some of the activities that we can enjoy in these corners of the house. Ceramic offers us numerous alternatives according to tastes and preferences and in complete safety. The porches and dining rooms in contact with the outside are a clear example of adaptability of the material, and even double-thickness pieces can be placed directly on the grass or gravel.

For these spaces we can opt for the warmth of the light wood-look tiles with subtle graphics, which in addition to providing light, spaciousness and continuity to the spaces, provide that feeling of time passing and simplicity.

Another possible choice is that of stone-inspired ceramic pieces that give a more worn appearance. Using warm tones such as beige or toasted we get the perfect combination for a more rustic style space.

Charming dining rooms

From a barbecue with friends to a family breakfast, locating the dining room in outdoor areas allows us to make the most of our terraces and gardens in the summer months. Ceramic flooring and tiles become a key material for a comfortable and easy-to-maintain corner.

We propose to use the same ceramic pieces on the floor and wall of your terrace, allowing a feeling of continuity and spaciousness.

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