Prepare the garden of your house or the terrace of your apartment for summer

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Good weather is here, summer is here and it is time to make the most of your time outdoors. And more taking into account the current social situation. The terraces, with this climatological and social panorama, acquire great importance, and we are not referring to those related to the hotel industry, but to those that we have at home, whether they are more or less large. The time has come to take advantage of these spaces, to perhaps adapt them for the next few months and make some investment; and if you have to request some money for any reform you can request a fixed rate mortgage.

Enjoy the good weather at home too

Spain has more than 2,800 hours of sunshine during all the months of the year, a fact that invites you to enjoy our time of leisure and relaxation outdoors, especially if we have a terrace or garden. And this is evidenced by the data: 61% of individuals who reform the exterior of their home do so with the aim of looking for a place of relaxation; followed by 52% who take advantage of terraces and gardens to invite family and friends to eat. In this way, obviously, it is time to adapt these spaces, acquiring the appropriate equipment: chairs, tables, barbecues, plants or pergolas with which to protect yourself from the intense sun and heat that is expected in these months.

When choosing the new furniture for our terrace or garden, two essential factors must be taken into account: the exterior conditions and the space available and the utility that it will be given. To this we must add another point: the economic aspect. Making a budget is essential when planning these reforms of our terraces and gardens. The market currently offers a very wide range of outdoor elements, but we must bear in mind that the outdoor models that we buy are made of materials capable of withstanding inclement weather, but they must have some type of protection for those times less favorable in terms of climate. In this way, our investment will be much more durable. The same can be applied if we must purchase an awning or pergola.

Plants create unique environments

Not everything is furniture. Our terrace and, especially, our garden must have a natural touch, so acquiring natural plants (if possible and we can maintain them) is a basic requirement to enjoy these spaces. It is always recommended to acquire outdoor plants, since they are more acclimated to withstand inclement weather; Let them be plants that decorate and cheer up visually, but do not take away space. Of course, we must be aware that these plants need maintenance, because otherwise they will hardly last us. If we want an alternative, we can always buy artificial plants. It will not be the same, but we will give that green touch to our space. Those who have a garden, obviously must have a land for planting grass. It will always give a special and fresh touch to our stay, although the maintenance will be much more demanding. And if we already have a pool, we round off our space to enjoy a good summer in the company of the family.

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