Printable calendars to decorate your work area

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Printable calendars to decorate your work area

Printable calendars

With the beginning of the new year we have to replace our old 2019 calendars with new ones from 2020. For many of us, we have a calendar in our work or study area It is essential; We use them to organize each month's work, take note of medical appointments, children's activities or family events.

New technologies have in many cases displaced this custom of pointing everything on a physical calendar, however, we are many who resist renouncing this. The proof is that physical calendars continue to be sold, many of them for solidarity purposes, and that there are many who each year and through different platforms present their printable calendars.

Printable calendars are a great option for those of us who wish to have a physical calendar in our work area or in the “family command center”. We can find them with very different designs and print them in different sizes in order to adapt them both to our aesthetic tastes and to our practical needs. Here are some examples:

Downloadable Calendars

Fearless Confetti and Detusa calendars

Monthly calendars

Most of us choose these types of calendars to write down the most important appointments and tasks. However, the most practical design for some may not be for others. For many it is important that with each of the numbers that indicate the day of the corresponding month there is enough space to write down up to three things clearly. Others value design more and use color codes to remember appointments or tasks duly noted on your mobile. What is the ideal calendar for you?

Simple, minimalist calendars

This type of calendars in black and white and with a simple design they fit in any environment. Choose the size, vertical or horizontal position according to your needs and print them! The most important will be what you write in them.

Minimalist printable calendars

  1. The Pacific Line minimalist calendar (available in different sizes), price € 4.49
  2. Wall calendar with notes By Inma (available in different sizes), price € 8.11
  3. Monthly Calendar Bicycle Printables (available in different sizes), price € 6.65
  4. 2020 monthly calendar Clementine Creative (available in A4 or letter), price 1.50USD

Natural / Floral Calendars

Calendars with natural and / or floral motifs are always among the best sellers on Etsy. In our selection we have tried to gather the greatest variety of designs possible. As the previous ones are available in different sizes and many offer you the possibility of choosing the first day of the week between Monday and Sunday.

Printable floral calendars

  1. Nature Calendar My Color Mood (available in A4 and A3), price € 5.14
  2. Flowery Flower Pot tropical plants calendar (available in numerous sizes), price € 5.96
  3. Emma Love Prints horizontal botanical calendar, price € 6.74
  4. Calendar Bean Street Printables watercolors, price € 5.63
  5. Printable calendar Short Stop, free

Funny calendars

Looking for calendars to decorate the room of the youngest of the house? Calendars with geometric patterns that print color to your studio? Although they are not the most numerous, it is possible to find a good number of calendars with these characteristics.

Funny calendars

  1. Shining Mom Gold Calendar, free
  2. Your Unreal Design A4 children's calendar, price € 3.37
  3. Animal calendar Editable Template Shop, price € 7.88
  4. Colorful calendar A6 The Creative Choice Co, price € 8.97

Calendars at a glance

There are those who prefer to have a global vision which will be the year 2020 or those who like to complement a monthly calendar with one to year view. Is this your case? On Etsy you can find large annual calendar to hang on the wall and do not forget anything.

Annual calendars

  1. Colorful wall calendar Doodlelove, price € 14.20
  2. 2020 Populier Calendar (available in A4 and A3), price € 2.14
  3. Hisper black and white calendar, price € 3.87
  4. Detusa floral calendar, price € 6.29

It is not difficult to find free printable calendars by the network, although they are more numerous and generally the design of those that are for sale is taken care more. Hence, most of the calendars in our selection belong to this second group. You can find them from € 2, a very cheap price for how practical they are for us, don't you think?

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