Protect your home from insects using roller nets

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Protect your home from insects using roller nets

There is nothing more unpleasant than walking around our house and finding annoying insects moving freely. This problem is further accentuated by good weather, since it is when we usually have windows open to allow fresh air to enter. The problem with this is that we are also inviting our annoying "friends," insects, into our home. To avoid this situation, the most advisable thing is to install some type of barrier that protects us from them. Among all the options, one of the most used and best results are the roll-up mosquito nets, widely used in most homes.

The first thing we want to highlight is that this type of mosquito nets can be installed in any type of window, have aluminum, PVC or any other material blinds. This makes them a very versatile product and adapted to all kinds of needs that users may have, whether it is a home, an office or any other space.

Characteristics of roller nets

As we have already mentioned, one of the main characteristics of this type of mosquito nets is that can be used anywhere. In part, this is due to the possibility of manufacturing them to the extent that each user needs, thus guaranteeing an optimal result when avoiding the intrusion of insects.

It is also important to talk about the simplicity at the time of installation. It is not necessary to be an expert to be able to place it on doors and windows. Following the manufacturer's instructions, in a few minutes you can enjoy them.

If we focus on the material that is manufactured, we can find different options, although the most recommended is undoubtedly those made of aluminum. The price may be somewhat higher than other options, but in the long run we would appreciate having chosen them for this material since it is much more durable.

Nor should we forget the shades, since there is a wide range of colors that make them adapt to the combination of any space. It is clear that if our windows are imitation of wood, a white mosquito net would break the harmony, which would not happen if we chose a mosquito net of the same hue, or at least that resembles as much as possible.

Finally, we want to highlight the possibility of installing roller mosquito nets with anti-pollen fabric that is perfect for all those who suffer from allergies, since they prevent the entry of pollen and mites that can harm their health.

Parts of a roll-up mosquito net

Given its main characteristics, we think it can be interesting to know the parts that are part of this type of mosquito nets.


First we will talk about the drawer or box where the tissue is found once it is rolled. Its function is to protect it so that it lasts longer in time. During the hot months, the mosquito net will be continuously extended, but when the cold makes an appearance, and the windows of the homes open much less, it may be a good idea to pick it up to protect it from the weather.

Mosquito net fabric

Is about one of the most important parts since it will be responsible for preventing insects from entering our homes. These fabrics can be of different materials, but in recent times the fiberglass ones are the ones that give better results, since it is resistant to UVA radiation. In the event that they deteriorate over time, it is possible to change it without much complication, reusing the rest of the elements.

Mosquito net guides

As you can imagine, the guides are the elements that the mosquito net uses to be able to move along the window in an effective way.

Other elements

We must talk about other elements of smaller size but equally important. On the one hand we have the latch latches, which are used to secure the mosquito net and that this is not collected in the box. We also found a doormat in its lower part that acts as a barrier to dust and other elements. Finally, comment on the handles and the handle that these mosquito nets usually have and that facilitate the process of raising and lowering it.

So you know, if you do not want mosquitoes, flies and other insects to circulate freely around your home, install roller mosquito nets in all your windows to offer greater protection against these annoying friends.

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