PVC windows: advantages and disadvantages

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Decor : PVC windows: advantages and disadvantages

When building or renovating a home, the choice of exterior carpentry is essential to achieve the best possible thermal insulation and energy savings. When choosing the material of these elements, in the market we can find different options such as wood, aluminum or PVC. It is precisely the latter that are usually most in demand due to their excellent insulating and safety properties, compared to that offered by other materials. But in addition to the material, the key is to find the right company. In this sense, Tancaments pvc windows offer high quality, windows manufactured by a company that is a benchmark in Barcelona.

Throughout today’s article we will talk about the main advantages offered by PVC windows, as well as their most important disadvantages.

Advantages of PVC windows

pvc windows

Let’s see below what are the main advantages offered by PVC windows compared to other materials, for example aluminum.

They improve thermal insulation

One of the most important things about PVC is that it is a material that is much more insulating than other materials, such as aluminum. This is because the profiles of PVC windows allow to have several air chambers that improve the thermal bridge of the windows. In this way, heat or cold is prevented from entering the home. Ultimately this will translate into lower heating costs.

Good level of tightness

PVC windows offer a better sealing against external agents such as wind, dust or rain. This in the end is reflected in a healthier home for people. In addition, it must be added that by having thermally welded corners, instead of glued, their level of insulation is even better than in the case of aluminum whose corners are screwed, for example.

Easy maintenance

Another of the great advantages of using PVC for windows is that they will hardly need maintenance, since it is a material that is very resistant to impacts or corrosion. To clean it, it is enough to use a little water with neutral soap.

Long useful life

In correlation with the previous point, it is also important to note that it is a material that offers a very long useful life. This type of window can last up to 50 years, keeping all its properties intact.

Respect for the enviroment

Being a material that offers better thermal insulation, this translates into less use of heating and air conditioning, thus reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Disadvantages of PVC windows

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Although there are many sales offered by the use of this material when making windows, it is also necessary to comment on some disadvantages that it offers.

High price

If we compare the price of PVC windows with poor quality ones, the price may seem high, but the level of insulation it offers is worth paying that difference. However, if we compare it with aluminum windows with similar levels of insulation, the price of the latter is usually similar or even higher.

Material colors

More than a disadvantage we could speak of limitations, since until recently, most PVC sales were white, although little by little this problem is being solved and today it is possible to find this material in a wide range of shades.

So you know, in case you want to get better insulation for your home, PVC windows may be the best option for it.

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