Quick decorating tips – Perfect ideas that will change your home

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Quick decorating tips - Perfect ideas that will change your home

Quick decorating tricks

With the quick decorating tricks, we can give a new air to all the rooms. Practical ideas and in most cases with simple details where to create a new environment. Either because you are going to change the decoration itself or because you need a change that never hurts.

Thanks to the quick decorating tricks we will get new ideas for each of the rooms in the home. So that we can make the most of them or give more light to those dark corners and new opportunities for accessories or details that were dead of laughter. We start!

Hold the curtains with necklaces

The truth is that it is an idea that we love. The curtains They are present in the vast majority of rooms. So when picking them sideways, we can always give the most original touch as in this case. It's about opting for some necklaces when picking them up. So that the rhinestones of the accessories fall through the fabric, as a clamp, and bring the touch of brightness and originality we need.

collar clamp

Paint to make the ceiling higher

It is another of the ideas to consider. That of having the low ceilings It is quite common in some houses. Therefore, when nothing happens like creating an opposite effect. We need to have that finish that makes the breadth rise through the walls. To do this, we must paint the same color, both the ceiling with a few centimeters from the top of the wall. That is, instead of making the classic difference between ceiling and wall, the same color of the first one will also be installed on the top of the walls. Thus, an effect of amplitude is created.

Adhesive tape for the kitchen

With the adhesive tapes we can also do quick decorating tricks in the blink of an eye. From the tiles to the fridge. Well, this will be the one who is lucky enough to have the tapes. If you think the time has come to cover small damage or give it a original touch to your appliances, then you must choose to place this tape horizontally. You can choose between endless finishes, bright, smooth, more vibrant colors or prints.

Dutch doors

Dutch doors in children's rooms

We love them and although it is quite traditional, they may not look too much. The dutch doors instead of being an entire door, they split in the middle. So the lower part of it may be closed and the upper part open. This leaves us with the advantage that we can see what happens from the outside but with total security. Hence they are perfect for the rooms of the smallest of the house.

Mirrors in doors and closets

Again the doors are the protagonists, but in this case to talk about the mirrors. Because as we well know, we provide luminosity and the rooms will look more spacious thanks to them. Hence it is not a bad idea to place them behind the doors or in the closets. Yes it is true that some models of the latter already have them, thanks to the demand they have.

mirror cabinet

Functional furniture in the corners

It may not be one of the quick decorating tricks, but it is very practical. Therefore, we could not miss it. If you have a corner, you should take advantage of it. Hence, you can make a kind of built-in furniture against the kitchen wall and store all cleaning products there. In the same way that if you have a corner or a column in the corridor area, you can always integrate a piece of furniture that will save you space.

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