Recycle and Decorate – Quick and Easy Ideas to Make Right Now

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Decor : Recycle and Decorate – Quick and Easy Ideas to Make Right Now

recycle and decorate

Recycle and decorate can go hand in hand. Especially now that we have enough time, due to confinement. So, it is a good time to bring up certain utensils or containers that had been left aside. Because with the right steps, you will get new and perfect works of art.

At least, we are talking about a series of decorations that will keep your head quite active. Especially for those people who have always been good at Crafts. Do you want to discover all the options that we present today? Do not miss it!

Flower pots with plastic bottles

If you are throwing away the water bottles you drink every day, this is a good time to put them to a new use. In this case, we can make compact pots but showy, to put on the balcony so that everyone can admire them when they go out to applaud every day at 8 in the afternoon. For this, nothing like cutting each bottle in half. You will give it a coat of paint and once it is dry, you can make some drawings or some letters with a permanent marker. What do you think about the idea?

recycle plastic bottles

Pens with bottles

Bottles that are not suitable for pots, you can also use in this new task. It is about making new pens for all those pencils or markers that we have at home. A way to have everything well collected and without spending more for it. So, you will have to cut the bottle and keep its bottom. Then, you can line it with a double-sided tape or add ropes or raffia. Whichever material you choose, you must line the part of the bottle well so that its plastic is not distinguished or visible. You can also do the same, with glass containers, giving them a new life.

Add a bookshelf or bookcase with boxes

Surely you have several boxes per house. Of those of storage and some of wood, because all of them serve. Of course, you should always try to be resistant because if we talk about building a bookshelf or bookstore, we know that we will put books or decorative details on them. Once we have chosen the boxes, we can line or paint them in different colors. The safest thing is that each one of them has a different size and it is a good idea for us to have an asymmetric pillar. Then we will unite them and finally we will have a space divider, bookcase or floor-standing bookshelf, of the most original type.

Reserve cans

A shelf with tin cans for recycling and decorating

Well, we continue with ideas in the form of shelves, because they are practical and perfect for storing certain details even if they are small in size. A creative idea is to accumulate some canning cans, clean and paint themIn this case, the spray paint will save us a lot of time and will leave us with a uniform finish. You can paint them each in a different color, then, you can hang them on the wall making different horizontal, vertical or asymmetric shapes, according to your taste.

CD or DVD coasters

Surely you have the odd CD or DVD at home. Some of them maybe you will find them cleaning and inside drawers, more than forgotten. Perhaps because the vast majority will already be scratched. So this is a good time to give them a second chance. Best of all, we can download certain templates in the form of prints, colors or images. Print them on adhesive paper and then you just have to cut and paste. Of course, this step can always be done the old-fashioned way, since even if we apply layers of glue or glue, the coaster will always do its great job. Will you put into practice any of these ideas to recycle and decorate?

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