Reforms soar during the pandemic

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Decor : Reforms soar during the pandemic

One of the main consequences of the pandemic has been the radical change in the lifestyle that most of us lead and the activities that we carry out at home. Many went from being away from home for most of the day to being confined for almost a year, which has involved turning the home into a multifunctional space mix of office and lounge.

The need for a new kind of home

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The lockdown has led to a boom in reforms to address the clear discomforts and shortcomings by not having the house optimized for any of the new activities that are done inside. If before the home was only the refuge in which to rest, now it is where we carry out almost all of our lives.

It became necessary to rearrange the furniture and walls of the house to make space and get the maximum functionality out of every little corner. The demand for reforms by homeowners has only been increasing since it was declared that we should transition to a new normal indefinitely.

The space always has to adapt to what is going to be done in it. Simply putting in a couple of new furniture is not enough to make a makeshift office because this creates stress in the medium term, and productivity decreases. It is not practical to spend so much time in a place that is not suitable for living.

The redistribution of resources

In addition, being locked up for so long has made us consider new priorities. While renovating a home is a common desire, it is not necessarily something that is really important to most of the population, especially if you don’t have money to spare.

However, we soon realized that we have not been able to spend so much on things we like not having the freedom to go out as before. Reforming became a real necessity, and now there is a bit of that money left over that was not normally available.

Also, seeing the same space so often has made us think more about how we would like it to be and what we want to discard or change. The pandemic has been a pause that has been used to request budgets of various renovation companies and make these ideas come true that haunted the head and had not had a chance to materialize.

How has the sector changed?

During the fourth quarter of 2020 there was an increase of the demand for comprehensive housing reform projects by 45% compared to the previous year in the same period. This rise began to be strongly noticed since the suspension of works in the inhabited buildings was lifted in July.

A change in the conception by the user has also been noticed when making his reform: now it is more important to have a comprehensive reform project with a clear prior planning for. The jobs most in demand are the partial or comprehensive reform of buildings (55%) and repairs (25%).

The bathroom and kitchen renovations stand out. Only in 2020, 24% of Spaniards who carried out a reform chose only to change the bathroom, which happened 13% of the time in the case of kitchens. In other words, 37% of the renovations in the previous year were concentrated in the bathroom or kitchen, a very striking number ..

On the other hand, a lot of products and services are being ordered online. Decoration stores and construction companies offer online support to make it easier to recruit professionals. Over the past year, a little more than 33,000 homes have been renovated, producing a positive impact on job creation. The sector has closed with better numbers than in 2019.

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