Renovate walls and the floor of your house without doing works

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Decor : Renovate walls and the floor of your house without doing works

Renovate walls and floors

When we start to think about renovating the walls or floor of the house, sure that comes to mind, an endless mess in the form of works. Well no, we have some of the best tricks so that you can give them a makeover but without having to spend more and free of expensive works that leave your house occupied for a long time.

There are always great solutions and when it comes to the home, even more. Because, in the blink of an eye you will enjoy more stylish walls and totally different soils. If you still don’t quite believe it, you just have to enjoy the ideas that we have selected just for you.

Tile paint

One of the areas of the house that we usually want to change is the kitchen and also the bathroom. That is, where there are tiles and as such, we need great ideas to cover them and give them a new life. In this case, nothing like betting on special paint for them. It has full coverage and therefore, you can choose between different colors or shades and make the most creative finishes. It will cover all those tiles that are damaged or that you just want to cover because you’ve gotten tired of them. Without a doubt, it is one of those options that you should consider.

Painted paper

Adhesive mosaics for the kitchen

We have mentioned the paint for the tiles, but if you don’t want to bet on it and you only need to cover a part of the kitchen, then you will have the mosaics at your disposal. You can create a most elegant environment with them and it is something that is becoming increasingly popular. We usually cover one of the walls, that is, the sink area for example or the main part where the kitchen itself is located. That will always depend on the distribution of it. Nowadays it is very easy to find some stickers that you will place on the surface and with which you will have a great result because they are very resistant to water and dirt.

Wood Finish Vinyl Flooring

The floor is one of the parts of the house that breaks down the most. Therefore, for some time now we have had a series of options in the form of vinyl flooring, although they have improved remarkably over the years. So now you can enjoy a more realistic finish but at the same time, resistant where they exist. You will also find them in adhesive forms, both by slabs and by strips, if it is the wood effect. So, you just have to go for one of those finishes and give your floors a new life. Not forgetting that you can also choose the color or tone that best matches your decoration.

Vinyl flooring

Wallpaper for your walls

Yes, it is another of the best options to consider. Because Wallpaper has taken on a vital importance in recent years and that is why little by little we can find it with different colors but also textures. Imagine a brown or white brick finish for your living room walls. Well, it is another of those options that every decoration store already has in its catalog. Most of them all have a high resistance, so we can fit them to all kinds of rooms, without fear of damp. If you decide to integrate it into the living room, there is nothing like decorating the main wall with it, which will be where the television goes. You will see the big change in a matter of minutes!

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