Renovate your bedroom with simple ideas

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Decor : Renovate your bedroom with simple ideas

Bed textiles

The bedroom is one of the rooms in the house that we can renovate more easily. There are many ideas available to change the look of this room, from your walls to your furniture. If you are tired of the style of your bedroom, we will tell you how you can renew it in simple steps and with ideas available to everyone.

When we change seasons we like to renew spaces to feel that we are beginning a new stage. In this sense, we find ideas that we can carry out easily and that will give a different look to the bedroom.

Paint the walls in an original way

Painting walls

It is good to paint the walls in a neutral tone that helps us to decorate more easily. But once we have learned to decorate, we can look for new and more striking ideas. If you are bored by white walls, what you can do is paint them in an original way. You can choose neutral tones like a range of grays, but adding shapes or lines on the walls. The result can be very beautiful in the end, because we will have shades that are easy to combine but with a more original style. Some even dare to make a mural and paint their walls with an artistic drawing.

Use wallpaper

Painted paper

Wallpaper can completely change the look of a room. There are hundreds of patterns and prints on the wallpaper with all kinds of colors, so we can find many different inspirations. If you think that the wallpaper can saturate you, you can only use it in one area of ​​the bedroom, on the headboard. Wallpaper requires great care when placing it, but without a doubt the effect it produces is striking and completely changes the walls of the room.

Paint your furniture

If you are bored with the tone of your furniture or your furniture has become outdated, then you can buy furniture paint and renovate it. Chalk paint with a matte touch is very popular right now, but you can also buy a satin paint. As for color, because white takes a lot and if we have painted the walls in colors it will stand out even more. But we can also dare to paint a piece of furniture or the headboard in a color that attracts attention, from a strong blue to a cheerful yellow. It will certainly become the center of attention in our bedroom. The furniture can also be renewed by adding new handles and wallpaper in the background in case they are showcases.

Change the bedding


The bed textiles dress a room, so they are a very important part of home decoration. It is important to think about the time of year to dress the bed with appropriate clothing. The tones should combine well with the rest of the room, although if we have chosen neutral tones for walls and furniture, it will be much easier for us to add colorful textiles. Buy sheets that are neutral, in gray and white, because that way they will be simple to combine with the duvet covers and blankets that you buy.

Renew curtains and rugs

Others textiles that can dress our room it’s the rugs and curtains. They are small details but they make a big difference. Buy a colorful rug with personality and shades of matching shades. It is a simple way to dress the room a little more.

Change the arrangement of the furniture

Bedroom furniture

Another way to make our room look like another is change the arrangement of furniture. It is a simple idea but it will make us feel in another place. In addition to painting them, you can remove furniture, add others or move them and you will feel in a new place.

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