Room dividers – Ideas and tips to add one to your home –

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Decor : Room dividers – Ideas and tips to add one to your home –

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Does your little house hinder your design desires? There are many ways to maximize your space and define parts or a room in multiple spaces, but one of the best ways is the humble yet work-friendly room dividers. Whether it’s a wood slatted partition, an upholstered display, or a frosted glass wall, room dividers can create a feeling of intimacy, provide privacy, hide unsightly household items, or enliven a lonely corner. Open floor plans are all the rage these days, but unfortunately, they can waste space in the home and be difficult to decorate. A simple room divider has the power to transform your studio apartment into a bedroom or create a cozy reading room, all without major construction. Well done, a room divider will define new areas while maintaining a feeling of flow and easy movement from one section to another.

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Room dividers can also be used for more ornamental purposes, adding texture, color, and personality to your space. Be smart by using a glamorous folding screen as a single headboard for your bed, or by using a floor-to-ceiling shelf to display all of your favorite pieces of art and houseplants. For creative and affordable options, check out our roundup of the best room dividers to help you redefine your living space.

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Room dividers – Choose a tall, neutral design

Sometimes a neutral space requires a statement design accent to serve as the finishing touch. With the help of neutral folding room dividers you can add warmth to an open plan design living room.

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Room dividers – Choose a glass design

Why do we like transparent room dividers?
The spacious and bright space divided into all the necessary functional areas is an ideal to which almost all decorators and clients aspire. Any additional wall, as we understand it, ruins the idea of ​​open plan design: they get crowded, darken, overload, etc.

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It is completely different if the wall is glass. Physically dividing the space, it doesn’t visually crush it, or at least it doesn’t as frankly as a blank partition. Furthermore, the transparent partitions between the rooms allow you to create a space with a common decorative concept and minimize the decoration of each area: the winning accents, for example, a rough brick wall, “will work” throughout the territory.

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There are many shelf designs that can be a great solution for any interior. It is a structure modeled from various parts or sections, whose location and design may vary according to their number.

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Room dividers -Building without breaking anything

If you want to allocate part of the room to a dressing room, bedroom, or office, it is cheaper and more rational to build a frame-based fence on top of the existing floor (and in the case of floating floor placement, on a solid foundation).


The construction of the frame with drywall or gypsum fiber cladding is erected quickly and without dirt (“wet” masonry, plastering processes). The wiring is mounted inside the frame, and the sound insulation with mineral wool is selected based on the functions of the facilities. In the case of a dressing room, soundproofing is not necessary.


A monolithic shelf is a type of cabinet furniture, it has a simpler appearance, but at the same time it has the maximum resistance. These models look very clean and make the room more ergonomic.

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Shelf shapes

Shelf partitions can take a completely different shape, allowing you to place them almost anywhere.

A shelf made by a ladder can be a fairly spacious asymmetrical design with an open or closed slide, which easily adapts to any room and allows you to conveniently place decorative elements on it.


The simplest and most classic version, reminiscent of a simple furniture shelf, with a different number of shelves.


Room dividers material

The most used materials:

Made of wood. The shelf partition made of high-quality wood or solid wood planks allows you to create a natural, eco-friendly and yet quite presentable design.
Drywall. This material provides the opportunity to build, not only the usual rectangular shapes, but also to create the most original design shape designs.
Metal. These frames are made of special thin metal, but very durable and have a very light and compact appearance.
MDF. Using such a ductile material, you can create almost any shape. Models made of MDF withstand heavy loads and retain their characteristics for a long time



It will add to the atmosphere of special originality and creativity. The asymmetric shelf partition, due to its outstanding shapes, always catches the eye and creates amazing effects in the room.


With a pedestal

Such a model is a great way to save space. On the nightstand you can put various things or place various necessary objects on it.


Various options to decorate room dividers

Television. A rectangular television screen, located in the center of the bookshelf partition, will fit harmoniously into the overall geometric composition and blend seamlessly with other decor elements.


Books. The multi-colored roots of the books will diversify the color scheme of the room, create a certain coordinating accent and become an integral decorative element of the entire interior.
Flowers Indoor plants or pots arranged compositionally with artificial flowers will form a beautiful and tidy design that will not go unnoticed.


Decorative plates. Porcelain, glass or other decorative dishes, placed in plain sight, always look very elegant and stylish. In addition, the glass will give the atmosphere a visual lightness and transparency.
Children’s toys. A shelf with open shelves or cells filled with children’s toys will not only add a good mood to the room, but also allow to organize order in it.
Designer accessories. Various accessories, in the form of vases, souvenirs brought from travel, statuettes or caskets, will significantly refresh and beautify the family design.




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