Rooms Decorated With Plants

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The room is one of the most appropriate environments to display and create a space full of life with plants, whether with flowers or without them, they evoke nature, achieve harmony and allow us to achieve a peaceful environment in our social space.

There is different types of plants of interiors that can occupy our space, from small plants on the coffee table to a system of vertical plants in the form of walls.

To decorate our room with plants the first thing we should think about is what effect we want to give to our environment. For example, plants with pointed leaves, with round leaves, with flowers, large, small, any of them can cause a great decorative impact or a small accent of color in the room.

The type of indoor plant to use will depend on the area in which we live due to the type of climate. Additionally, the ideal complement to easily achieve a great decoration is to choose the correct pot, which depends on the size of the plant and the colors that make up your space.

In addition to contribute aesthetically with our living room, they help us clean our environment by purifying the air we breathe.


One way to incorporate plants into our space and make them look really impressive is through the green walls, as we see it in this design that allows us to add visual interest in the decoration. [Imagen vía]

rooms-decorated-with-plants-7Small flowerpots together on a tray can help us decorate our coffee table From the living room.

rooms-decorated-with-plants-6Another alternative for decorate our walls is to include small planters of the same type at the two ends of the walls on a pair of shelves. A beautiful round mirror divides them achieving a beautiful focal point accompanied by the flowered wallpaper that integrates this small social space.

rooms-decorated-with-plants-5Incorporate a large plant towards the side of the window with a beautiful view it projects us towards a natural and relaxing space.

rooms-decorated-with-plants-4We see a small and elegant room where neutral tones predominate and with different shades of green in the environment. Three pots in a row with large, pointed leaves allow you to distinguish an organized and dynamic environment. [Imagen vía]

rooms-decorated-with-plants-3An alternative that we can take into account to complement a casual, feminine and colorful design to the room is to include different flowerpots and various types of plants in different areas of the space where some include small doses of color with beautiful flowers. [Imagen vía]

rooms-decorated-with-plants-2Hanging plants They help us to decorate those empty spaces on the wall of our living room. [Imagen vía]

rooms-decorated-with-plants-1Plants with large, pointed leaves are generally used in modern spaces and bring dynamism to the room. [Imagen vía]

rooms-decorated-with-plantsLet’s see how the decoration with plants with leaves accompanied by white flowerpots can transform our space for this Scandinavian-style room.

We hope these room designs that include plants as their main attraction have inspired you.

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