Rustic fireplaces – The great complement to your home

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Rustic fireplaces - The great complement to your home

Stone fireplace

We know that each house needs some accessories appropriate to its style. Therefore, now with the arrival of bad weather we have thought of one that never goes out of style. It's about the rustic fireplaces, which always add the warmest touch but betting on an elegant and perfect decoration.

Also, if you are trying complete your rustic decoration, nothing like adding an item like this. Surely your rooms will thank you. Now, you can already know all its types and characteristics at the same time as its materials or coatings so that it is more than perfect.

Types of rustic fireplaces

The wood burning fireplace

the fireplace And that has an opening, it is one of the most common models when we talk about rustic fireplaces. The country houses usually have them, since they also carry a decoration based on the rustic style. They usually have brick or stone around them. The wood burning fireplace is always a good option, to give warmth to a great environment.

Built-in fireplace

It is true that built-in fireplaces, despite being able to count on the rustic style, are a somewhat more modern idea. But also with great advantages to consider. They usually have a door that makes the heat stay much longer. In the same way, it also prevents dirt from going outside or on the floor, in this case.

Rustic Fireplaces

Metal chimney

They have a classic-like shape but a metallic coating in steel or cast iron. They are perfect for corners or smaller houses. In addition, they can be combined with more decorative styles and it remains as an integrated and perfect complement. Although there are several models, they usually have a door to facilitate and give us more comfort when turning it on. It is one of the most demanded options because they adapt to all homes, regardless of their size.


Perhaps it is not one of the most viewed types when we talk about rustic decoration. It is usually in more modern environments, but it is true that it gives a current touch to the mentioned decoration. Of course, they are much safer.

chimney coverings

What are the basic coatings for this type of chimneys

As we talk about the rustic style, we have to take into account the finishes of the chimneys. Therefore, they can be surrounded by brick to give that finish that we like so much. If we choose the call firebrick, insulates the rooms much better, thanks to its ceramic finish. So you can help us save on energy. On the other hand, wood is always present when we talk about the rustic style. Hence, in this case it was not going to be left behind. You can accompany both our oak and pine chimneys, which are the most demanded.

Dining room fireplace

The stone is also another of the materials to consider. As we see, there are several that can accompany our main complement today, always depending on the finish we want to give it. You can go forming a nice finish around, by the walls or simply at the base of the fireplace, depending on your taste. Cement can also be another of the simplest finishes to apply. What's yours?

Where to place it

Undoubtedly, when we think of a complement like this, it comes to mind living room. Since what is considered is that it be placed in a spacious room and that it is well connected to others. Since in this way, also those around you, can soak up that heat that it gives off. In this way, we will take advantage of the heat, always saving and feeling much more comfortable without having to stick to it.

You have to keep in mind that whatever place you choose for placement, you must have good ventilation. A smoke outlet is more than necessary, that is why in this case or when we have serious doubts, we must always contact a professional who can advise us depending on the specific case.

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