Sabina Ibiza, the most exclusive ecofriendly complex in the Mediterranean

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Decor : Sabina Ibiza, the most exclusive ecofriendly complex in the Mediterranean

That a house is sustainable does not mean that it can have all kinds of luxuries. The key is to find the right elements for each thing. An example of the mixture of luxury and sustainability can be found in the ecofriendly Sabina Ibiza complex, a modern environment that has the most innovative technology on the market, among which the use of home automation elements provided by the GIRA company stands out.

Home automation as part of the design of these villas, which is integrated into a careful design and interior design with the most advanced technology that allows functionality and comfort for its users.

Team from around the world

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Tour, is the leading brand in the sector and chosen to take care of the home automation of these 13 spectacular villas. A design resulting from the work of a team of architects and designers from around the world, a perfect example of collaborative work, which has resulted in a spectacular complex that breathes the essence of the Mediterranean from a sustainable perspective, where minimalism creates an atmosphere of dream.

These 13 villas are equipped with one of the most current technologies on the market. An accommodation that offers a luxurious experience to enjoy the magnificence of nature and above all to be able to breathe it accompanied by a creative effort to create an advanced architectural composition.

Sabina Ibiza has decided to trust the products of Tour to equip your villas, thus complying with the premise of creating a different experience, and in which innovation, technology and good taste are two fundamental essences.

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These magnificent villas have a advanced home automation control, thanks to the installation in each of them of GIRA G1,the home automation control center with which each of the customers can enjoy the lighting and air conditioning to their liking, through the screen or even from the telephone app.

On the other hand, it has the E2 switch range, combining a minimalist design with functional materials and smart technology, resistant to breakage and UV rays.

Different types of lights

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To illuminate and acclimatize the villa, it is essential to offer various combinations and types of lights, since the main objective is to achieve maximum comfort for the guests.

Each villa has a video intercom 106, giving it an elegant and robust touch. A system that offers comfort, safety and maximum flexibility in terms of configuration, adaptable at all times. Finally, it has a 4 sensor button with an original black aluminum from Gira, better known as “PUSH 4”, with the ability to configure eight individually definable functions.

A most natural and at the same time modern experience that makes Sabina Ibiza the most exclusive, sustainable and technological luxury destination in the Mediterranean.

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