Save space in a very small house

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Decor : Save space in a very small house

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Save space It is not something simple, because no matter how much we have, we will always say that we need more. Therefore, today we are going to try it and that is, small homes need to look a little wider, for that feeling of counting more meters than there really are.

Well, it must be said that one of the first steps to take will be decor. Because by following some strategies, we are going to finally get the breadth to our homes. Do you want to know how and start applying it? So, don’t miss it!

Think about what we really need

One of the big problems we find ourselves with is that if we like some type of furniture or decorative detail, we buy it. Of course, this a priori is not bad but if there is little space and we continue decorating and recharging, then the few meters we have will become even smaller. So, we must bet on those furniture or accessories that are really necessary. Basic furniture for each room but functional as we will see.

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Functional furniture, your best allies

We must always make the most of the space. Therefore, we must bet on functional furniture in each and every one of the rooms. In the living room, nothing like a sofa bed. Because it will get us out of a bind when we need it. If you don’t have room for a large dining table, then you can opt for a bookcase that opens and is a nice table. The same as in the part of the entrance, where we can place a shoe rack that serves as a decorative support and at the same time, keeps our shoes. In the bedrooms you save more space with bunk or fold-down beds in the juveniles and with trundle beds. Since under them we can always store clothes or blankets, which are the ones that occupy the most.

Distribute the furniture well

We already have the furniture that will accompany us and now it only remains that the distribution is adequate. In it we have to establish priorities. Because as we well know, there is always some furniture that is more necessary than others, as we have commented. Take advantage of the corners with the wardrobes that adapt to them or, the sofas that also do the same. Try to have spaces between all of them and not to see an overloaded decoration, how? not only without stacking furniture but that they are of a simple style without too heavy finishing. Hence, Nordic decoration is always one of the great bases we have.

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Few and large, to gain space

It is true that there are several rules to be able decorate in order to gain space. But one of them is that we opt for furniture that is a little larger but that there is less of it. Because if we opt for the small ones, we will be able to fill the spaces with them more. This is about a visual effect finish that we already know about. Of course, if on the contrary, you opt for small and few pieces of furniture, it will also be perfect. Although that is not always the case when we pull for this option.

The colors your best allies

Color in furniture and walls can be your best allies. So, for a small environment, nothing like betting on white. Because it will always enhance natural light and if you combine it with some mirrors, both on furniture and on walls, then it will be even more perfect. The wood finishes as well as the neutral silver gray color is always another option. If you really need to see more light in your home, then light or pastel colors such as blue, yellow and even orange can also accompany you but without recharging the spaces.

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