Scandinavian Style In Spring – Ideas For Simple But Elegant Decor

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Decor : Scandinavian Style In Spring – Ideas For Simple But Elegant Decor

Scandinavian style definitely evokes the natural beauty of a region by introducing natural furniture or accessories. Although it may not seem like it, the Scandinavian style is one of the best options to leave the winter season behind. Certainly, there are many ideas and options in Scandinavian style to decorate this spring. In general, the Scandinavian style features cream and white colors. Thus providing a wonderful canvas full of light, which at the same time offers joy. Of course, for spring decoration in a home with Scandinavian style, flowers are not lacking. But in the same way you can also consider carpets and curtains with floral motifs. You will be able to appreciate in the images, the different decorative objects that you can use to decorate your Scandinavian home in spring. So, get inspired to decorate your home in a great way.

scandinavian style in spring

Ideas to decorate your home with Scandinavian style

Obviously, the Scandinavian style is one of the favorites in interior design. From its minimalist vibes to the clean lines and modern look, everything is certainly stylish. So if you are considering adding Scandinavian flair to your home, the spring season is perfect. You can go for the traditional monochromatic style, or you can go for a new, more modern take with some bright and beautiful palettes, inspired by all flowers. But whatever the Scandinavian style scheme you want for your home, there are some basics. The Scandinavian style stands out for its simplicity and naturalness. Usually, the furniture has bright colors and simple shapes. Without a doubt, in Scandinavian spaces absolute calm and timeless elegance reign. Well, we will give you some tips for your spring decoration with Scandinavian style.

scandinavian style centerpiece

Branches and flowers for spring in the Scandinavian style

When the spring sun always seems warmer and winter has to recede, the trees and flowers begin to bloom. Without a doubt, this is a true symbol of a new life that is appreciated by all. During your walks or hikes in the forest, you can be inspired and create decoration ideas directly from the awakening of nature. You can collect small branches with flowers and use them to decorate your walls.

Scandinavian style with beautiful flowers

Although there are also many other ideas to decorate with branches. Large arrangements with blooming branches can usually be seen in Scandinavian interiors in early spring. The traditional color palette of the Scandinavian-styled interior – white, gray and a bit of black – is not broken at all during seasonal décor. And some branches, although for some they may be somewhat simple, they give life and invite nature into your home, they highlight the charm of the new season.

scandinavian style flowers

Consider decorating with vases and glass jars

Without a doubt, the decoration with the use of vases and glass jars is subtle. But at the same time it gives a touch of elegance. You can consider them to make a spotlight. Create simple arrangements so they don’t clutter up the space too much. Keep in mind that the Scandinavian style is simple but elegant, always keep in mind that famous phrase “less is more”. That is why a simple arrangement placed in vases or glass jars can beautify your room immediately.

scandinavian style flowers living room

Place the vases with blooming branches on your dining or coffee table. You can also decorate a dresser or a side table. Certainly a simple arrangement in vases or glass jars will refresh the room with its presence. These simple arrangements can usually be paired with artificial feathers and eggs. This of course indicates that Easter is not far off. In addition, candles are a special decorative element for Scandinavian spaces. That is why you have surely noticed that most of these decorations are present very elegant chandeliers, especially with white candles, which complement the arrangements with flowering branches.

scandinavian style flowers colors

Pure naturalness

Scandinavian spaces love nature and bring its beauty to every room in the home. We have already mentioned to you consider for the Scandinavian spring decoration, the flowering branches. But the first to flourish have also found their special place in Scandinavian-style spaces. You can see hyacinths and daffodils in small ceramic pots, planters, or other suitable containers. White tulips in vases beautifully adorn a room. Similarly, the lush green of spring flowers quickly stands out against the background of the Scandinavian interior. Without a doubt, all this is the perfect point of attraction. Which symbolizes the awakening of nature to a new life inside the home. That is why any of the beautiful spring flowers blend seamlessly into Scandinavian spring décor to celebrate the new season.

scandinavian style interior decoration spring

Illuminated spaces

Scandinavian spaces are generally bright and cheerful. So this style’s main objective is to attract and maintain as much natural light as possible in the space. To increase the reflection of light throughout the interior, soft colors are applied to the floors and walls, sheer curtains, mirrors and glass accents. So, if you want to get started with this Scandinavian style, ditch the heavy curtains and any decor items found on the window ledges.

Scandinavian style comfort

Now if you don’t like sheer curtains for privacy reasons then consider using wooden shutters. This will also help keep your home better insulated. Scandinavian homes typically look very white, with walls, ceilings, and even floors painted in shades of white or neutral tones. This means that as soon as the sun rises, white interiors and large windows can brighten up smaller spaces with reflected light. Of course white also helps to expand a space and make it feel light, airy and more spacious.

scandinavian style decoration

Wallpaper can sometimes be used, but usually it is to make an accent wall. But even though the Scandinavian style prevails with white and neutral tones, the pink and gray color palette brings a feminine and beautiful touch to the classic Scandinavian look. You can also keep a fresh, modern look with geometric patterns, concrete planters, and rose gold accents. Likewise, the combination of navy blue and rustic materials are effortlessly combined with more feminine accents, such as the pastel pink and gold side tables create a successful combination.

scandinavian style decoration with plants

Clean lines

In terms of furniture, the clean lines are the key code. Therefore, sofas, tables or any other piece of furniture should adopt mid-century minimalism with clean lines and natural colors. The Scandinavian style prides itself on having a functional design. Furniture and textiles can also be in neutral shades of beige, ivory, taupe, black and gray. Even bright accents can be applied to accessories and wall art to energize the space.. Decorate your sofa with cushions and blankets to create a relaxing place. You can go for a soft gray sofa and add color with orange, yellow or traditional Scandinavian motifs.

Scandinavian style illuminated spaces

Rustic details

In the Scandinavian style, wooden accents play a very important role. Similarly, the unfinished pieces of wood help create a sense of connection with nature and the great outdoors. If you want to adopt a minimalist color palette, you can give it an urban touch with tables decorative in layers, a patterned rug, hanging planters and metallic accents such as copper mirrors. Since we mentioned the carpet, we want to advise you that for your carpet it stands out, try to keep the other elements of the bedroom. And if your floor is light wood, the carpet will look spectacular.

scandinavian style flowers living room

You can definitely consider heating the interior of your home by introducing more natural wood. You can introduce the wood through end tables, floors, or even raw wood accessories like candles and mirrors. Certainly the wood tones and white walls create a fresh and cozy home. Especially when combined with a colorful bouquet of beautiful flowers. Nature is an important feature of the Scandinavian style. So bring the outdoors into your home with bright, natural colors and plant-inspired accessories. Bring a little or a lot of greenery into your home. You can even create a mini indoor garden to decorate your Scandinavian home.

Scandinavian style use natural materials

Create esimple spaces

LMost Scandinavian-style homes follow a general guideline of keeping trim to a minimum to keep the space clutter-free. Furniture that is usually white in a light neutral tone helps to change and adjust accents with all the seasons. Of course you must keep your home organized with shelving to keep clutter at bay. The shelves can store attractive buckets and boxes to hold your belongings. Having good storage is the key to creating a Scandinavian interior that is spacious and airy.

scandinavian style table decoration

Likewise, built-in furniture will keep things out of the way. This will keep your home tidy and it will be easier to clean and create a more comfortable environment.toIt’s relaxing. Try to keep only the necessary items and those that generate energy positive. Keep in mind that part of the aesthetics of the Scandinavian style is to keep things organized and optimized …

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