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Decor : Scandinavian style

Child decoration

The Scandinavian style is one of our favorites and also right now it is one of those that are trending, so we will see many good ideas in this regard. It is a style imported from the Scandinavian countries where the decoration is moving towards something more ecological, natural and simple, as well as functional.

Let’s see some ideas in Scandinavian style children’s decoration, since there are ideal environments for the smallest of the house. This style falls in love with its simplicity, its diaphanous environments and its touches of soft colors and original prints.

The key is the color white

White tones

While is true that decorate a children’s space only in white It can be boring, we have to know that the key in the Scandinavian style is precisely the color white, a tone that adapts to everything and also provides a lot of light. The important thing in these environments is to create a space that adapts to all types of furniture, that is durable and very basic. In the Scandinavian countries they use these tones precisely because they have very little light and without a doubt this can be a problem, so they turn to the white tone to give light to everything and thus save as well. Obviously, we should use this tone as a base, but in children’s environments we will have to give it some color.

Pastel shades

Pastel shades

Another of the ideas we love about Scandinavian environments is that they use the great pastel shades To give fun to the spaces. Only with the color white we do not do much, since the environments would be boring and neutral for children. That is why colors such as pastel pink, sky blue and even more striking colors such as mint green or mustard are usually added. We must choose one or two colors at most, always avoiding excess, since the Scandinavian style stands out precisely for its simplicity.

Light wood furniture and vintage furniture

Child decoration

We like both ideas also for children’s spaces. Although modern furniture is usually bought, the truth is that adding a nice vintage furniture painted in light tones or wood can be a great idea. Vintage furniture has a lot of personality and we will also be using the idea that we have to recycle and give another life to all those antique furniture, to avoid consuming more. In the Scandinavian style they also use furniture that is very functional, with light wood, since it is a natural material that we will always be able to reuse.

Scandinavian print

Geometric print

In the Scandinavian environments we can also see how they integrate great prints Like the geometric The simplest forms are used to make black and white prints that are truly original. It is common to see these ideas both in textiles and in wallpaper and other elements. If there is a pattern that is common in these environments, it is geometric, with shapes such as triangles. Buying some bed textiles or a carpet with these prints can be the ideal touch for your room.

Decorate the walls with sheets

Children's prints

The Children’s prints with messages or with beautiful illustrations They are also another classic of the Scandinavian style. They are perfect to give that special touch to your walls, so that they have another touch of color and originality in the room. On the walls you can also use other resources such as wallpaper, garlands or even stuffed animals. The ideas are endless but we must never fall into excess, since we must remember that one of the basic premises of the Scandinavian style is that the environments have to be simple.

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