Separate environments – Simple and practical ideas for your home

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Decor : Separate environments – Simple and practical ideas for your home

recycled doors

Separate environments it is something that we need to achieve when we want to divide the same room. But only in a discreet way, giving it that originality and modernity that we all like. So, if you don’t want to make a division as closed as a wall supposes, don’t miss what follows.

Because there are many ideas that we can get when talking about separating environments. It is a practical way of being able to give a different use to each environment, no need to do works too complicated. There are many styles that you can find in the market. What are you betting on?

Separate rooms with a glass wall

It does not become a wall as we know it, but it is true that it will do a similar function. It is one of the great ideas and therefore, we have several options to consider. On the one hand, if we are talking about a bedroom and you want to make a division, you can always count on glass, as we know it. But on the other hand, when it comes to any office, you can add a tinted glass. This offers us softer colors and therefore, it is not as transparent as usual. You always have to value the space and the place where we will place them.

separate environments

Very elegant panels

Those panels that you cann have drawings or die-cutThey will also be key to an idea like this. Of course, remember that if it is a somewhat darker area, it is always necessary to let these panels have some opening. Because only then can we get the light to pass to the other side. To divide rooms such as the dining room or living room, they will be very useful. These panels can be found on Amazon.

Room divider with plants

What better way, and more natural, than to rescue one of the ways to separate simpler environments. Of course, again we have to talk about several options to place your plants. You can do it via pots and for this, you need a panel, so that they are hanging from the ceiling. But it is true that we always think of the most practical way, which is none other than, to place pots on the floor that are all the same and forming rows. As simple as that!

screen panels


Without a doubt, it is another of the best options, but it is true that we must find ideas that fit this space. Because we do not want to see on one side a nice shelf or piece of furniture and on the other, its back. We need some that have a double face and that leave an original air in both. There is wooden furniture that is made up of small tables, looking like a panel, but that can really be combined. Another idea is that if you can’t find them, you can decorate that back that we mentioned.

Recycle old windows or doors

It is not the first time that we see how the advantages and old doors, become part of the decoration of our home. Without a doubt, it is one of those options that cannot be forgotten. For this, you will also have to be a little handy to be able to join them and create a wall that has crystals, so the light will be essential, but at the same time it allows us to separate those two rooms within a room.

strip curtain

Strip curtains

It is true that when we talk about curtains, we always think of windows. Whether they are more or less dense they will always be willing to take us away from sunlight a bit. But in this case, we don’t want it to be that way either. Separating environments is not necessarily leaving light aside and for this reason, we love this other idea. A strip curtain, which can make the delimitation of the room as original as possible and you will also find it on Amazon.

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