separates different environments without losing luminosity

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Decor : separates different environments without losing luminosity

Glass walls

Remove the partitions and replace them with glass walls not only provides greater visual amplitude but also contributes to the easy passage of light from one space to another; Especially interesting features in apartments of small dimensions or with little natural light.

Despite what it may seem, glass walls are robust and resistant, so much so that they can even serve as an element to provide security to high rooms or stairs. Installing them, however, is not cheap. Requires a significant investment That is why we want you to have all the information on how to get the most out of them in your homes.

Why use a glass wall?

Glass walls are a fantastic alternative to separate different environments in our home, but we can also use them for other purposes. If you haven’t thought of these as a possibility until now, after seeing what and in what ways you can use them, you probably will.

Glass walls

  1. Physically separate two rooms. The glass walls allow the entry of light and prevent noise and odors. A very interesting feature when it comes to separating the kitchen from the dining room, the bedroom from the bathroom, or the office from the living room.
  2. Create a space within another. You can create a small work area in the bedroom or a green oasis in your living room.
  3. Increase security of stairs and high rooms. Avoiding accidents and falls from great heights is possible if we use safe glass, laminated glass with a thickness of 4 mm plus the sheet.
  4. Let the outside in inside our home. The glass walls allow the exterior light to flood our home and allow us to enjoy the outdoors without leaving the house; contemplate the garden or pleasant urban landscapes from our kitchen or living room.

Advantages and disadvantages of glass walls

At this point we have already let you glimpse what are the advantages of betting on glass walls instead of a traditional partition. But we don’t want you to have to navigate through the information, we want to make it easy for you:

  • They separate different environments physically, but not visually.
  • Allow the passage of light from one space to another.
  • They are light and as such, appropriate in confined spaces.
  • They are visually attractive; they become one more decorative element.
  • They adapt to rooms of very different styles; they fit perfectly in both classic and contemporary or rustic spaces

Minimalist glass wall

Wall glass is a great alternative and offers us many advantages, but they also have some disadvantages! Installing them is not cheap and once we install them we must think about cleaning them. When the glass walls reach a lot of height, it is usually necessary to hire a cleaning service for their maintenance.

Types of glass walls

Transparent or translucent? With or without profiles? These are questions that we must ask ourselves and for which there is no single answer. The choice will depend on both the type of environments you want to separate and the aesthetic result you want to achieve.

No profiles

If you want to separate small spaces, reducing the size of the profiles or forgoing them will help make the space appear larger. These types of walls are common in offices, interior patios or walls that face the exterior.

With metal panels

The paneled glass walls incorporate that industrial character that so much likes and for which so much is bet nowadays. The panels also contribute to making the walls look more and therefore acquire a greater role. They also make them safer, or am I the only one who has hit a glass wall for not seeing it was there?

Walls with panels

Translucent glass

The very idea of ​​having a transparent wall separating the bedroom from the bathroom can put many backs on it. Lack of privacy It is one of the reasons to bet translucent glass walls. But there are others like productivity; reason why many choose to install this type of wall in their workspace.

Translucent or colored glass walls


A glass wall can also be daring and fun. It is not common to find colored glass walls in private homes, but in studios or offices where creativity plays an important role. Although if you want to give yours a touch of modernity, go ahead! There are very elegant and interesting proposals with colored panels.

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