SEVES "Smart Solutions" Glass technology

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SEVES "Smart Solutions" Glass technology

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<p style=The talent of the designer has always been a decisive factor to face the challenges of contemporary architecture. Culture, science, instinct: there are many qualities that contribute to make the ideal solution, in line with the demands and objectives.

The technology of glass at the service of your creativity

Nowadays Seves glassblock collaborates with architects and designers to perform complex projects, where specific technical requirements are necessary without sacrificing style: innovative, beautiful and intelligent solutions. Energy saving, resistance to fire and bullets, acoustic and thermal insulation, without neglecting light and color: the excellent qualities of Seves glassblock glass blocks guarantee practical solutions, capable of meet design demands supporting the creativity and ideas of the architect.

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<p style=Thanks to continuous innovation, Glass blocks Seves Glassblock offer designers a unique design with very high technical qualities:

Fire resistance

The fire-resistant glass blocks have been subjected to exhaustive quality controls to guarantee High resistance standards up to 30, 60 and 90 minutes, depending on the thickness of the block used.


With a high mechanical resistance to bullet impacts according to DIN 52290-2 and EN 1522 standards, these glass blocks offer a high standard of protection and at the same time allow the passage of natural light.

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<h3 style=Energy savings

The block "Energy Saving" decreases energy consumption up to U = 1.5 W / m2 K - that is, almost half the standard value for the glass block - improving the same energy efficiency. In this way, entire architectural facades can be designed with the aim of saving energy.

Acoustic isolation

The glass blocks are ideal not only for interior decoration, but also for industrial activities and discos where they can reach a maximum level acoustic insulation up to 49 dB.

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<h3 style=Privacy

For applications that require greater control of light, Glass blocks from Seves Glassblock let 79% of incident light filter and vary it until obtaining the privacy that is desired.

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<h3 style=Discover all «Smart Solutions» by Seves Glassblock

In short, it is in this authentic and proper fusion of art and science that the Seves glass block manifests itself as the ideal ally in rich style solutions, capable of satisfying the high performances of the most ambitious projects.

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