Single-family home with a clean geometry

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Decor : Single-family home with a clean geometry

The project that we share with you today is an isolated single-family home that has a private pool. It has been designed by the architects Jaime Salvá and Iñaki Fernández. It is located in the Son Puig urbanization, in Palma, and has a 458 square meter plot. The land has a steep slope, which has caused the basement to be at the level of the sidewalk that gives access to the house.

Clean geometry design

isolated single-family home 1

One of the objectives of the architect Jaime Salvá was to create a clean and contemporary geometry, using breaks that achieve a volumetric game with different perspectives depending on which side of the house is viewed, as well as a game of shadows that changes throughout the day.

The final volume is the result of the interior distribution, where the main rooms are oriented to the south, and gaps have been left in strategically placed facades to get the best views from inside the house, and to obtain cross ventilation that helps to the energy efficiency of the home, ensuring that most of the year I can operate with minimal energy expenditure.

The breadth of the spaces is one of the main objectives when distributing the ground floor, having natural light from any of the 4 orientations, controlling access from any point, but at the same time, each room has its independence.

Some vertical wooden slats make the vertical core of the staircase independent while acting as railings.

Use of few materials to give homogeneity

isolated single-family home 2

Few materials are used to give homogeneity to the interior design as a whole, being neutral, warm and natural materials, such as oak wood, Balearic gray natural stone, or the natural stone masonry wall, which penetrates from the outside to the inside of the living room, also passing through the kitchen.

The kitchen is designed in white to continue with the idea of ​​neutrality, and it will be the decorative elements, food, etc. that will provide the color.

This kitchen is fully connected to the outdoor dining room, which is protected by a porch that is achieved through a large overhang.

The owners of the house have been in charge, with great pleasure, of furnishing the house, continuing with the neutral colors, such as the large wooden table that is placed in the dining room.

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