Sliding roofs: 5 ways to close an outdoor space

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Whether it’s winter or summer, rain or shine, being able to get out and enjoy the outdoors in a home is priceless. The best way to enclose part of the garden or an entire terrace or simply if you want to expand any of the rooms in your house, is to use sliding roofs. Next we will show you 5 ideas to close outdoor spaces.

1. For the patio

If what you are looking for is a way to enclose part of the patio and have that area fully integrated with the rest of the house but with a special luminosity, use a pergola with glass walls. You should know that this type of roof is always mounted with a minimum slope of 10% and has a decorative and functional gutter located to collect rainwater.

2. On the terrace

You may not be lucky enough to have a huge patio, but you do have a patio. In this case, better use the sliding and flat roofs so that you can enjoy the terrace either hot or cold.

Aluminum enclosures have become one of the preferred and best valued materials to close outdoor spaces. It has several advantages, among which it stands out that it is more resistant to the elements, does not rust and offers smoother and shinier surfaces than PVC or wood.

3. The balcony

If you live on the top floor of a building and have a balcony, closing at least part of it can be a way to save space in your home. Don’t be afraid to miss out on views as the ceiling and walls unfold unaffected. In addition, this will give you a place to create a new environment without worrying about the furniture and other elements deteriorating.

4. In the field

Glass pergolas are perfect for a rural setting where you want to make the most of your view and contact with nature. Due to the diversity of their finishes and the colors in which they can be made, these panels fit perfectly both in a rustic style house, as in a modern house. It should also be noted that they are an excellent acoustic insulator, guaranteeing protection against noise.

5. For the pool

With this type of sunroof, you can even close a pool and heat the space. The glass walls and the sloping and mobile roof cover the entire space and, in addition to capturing the heat emitted by the sun, it also prevents losses. So you can swim in winter or summer.

I hope these ideas have served as inspiration for your garden, patio or pool. To make your home more intimate or to gain space. Because gardens and swimming pools can also be used in winter as long as you keep them protected from the typical climatic contingencies of colder times or protect your spaces from the harsh summer sun without letting natural light invade every corner of your home.

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