Small bedroom decoration: desks as bedside tables

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Decor : Small bedroom decoration: desks as bedside tables

desks as bedside tables

Do you need to create a small workspace at home but can’t find a place for it? We are aware that the bedroom should be reserved for rest, but when lack of space is a problem bet on desks as bedside tables it may be the only solution.

Sometimes it is necessary to turn a deaf ear to the idea of keep work out of the bedroom however successful this is. What we can do is organize that workspace in such a way that the bedroom continues to breathe peace. How? Collecting documents and supplies before we go to sleep.

Little more space than a bedside table occupies we need to place a desk that allows us to work with the laptop. And when we are not able to fit both pieces of furniture in the room, substituting one for the other is the only way the accounts balance. Multifunctional furniture is the key to decorating small spaces, don’t forget it!

desks as bedside tables

The desk

What should the desk be like to be comfortable? If you are going to use it every day to work, it is advisable to respect certain dimensions. The length and the depth it should never be less than 75 centimeters and 50 centimeters, respectively. The length is the minimum necessary to be able to slide the chair under the tabletop. As for the depth, you could give up 10 centimeters but only if you are going to use this space only to read emails or do personal or home-related tasks.

In addition to the dimensions, it will be convenient for the desk that serves as a bedside table to have a small drawer to store your writing supplies as well as your agenda or notebook. It will be key so that at night it is collected and decorated only with those elements typical of a bedside table: lamp, book and mobile phone.

Regarding the style, the ideal will be that it keeps consistency with the overall style of the bedroom. A sober desk with straight lines in light wood or white will serve as a wild card to decorate bedrooms of any style. But you can bet on more daring alternatives. It will not be a problem if, in order to create an aesthetically balanced space, you also pay attention to the nightstand on the other side of the bed, so that one of the pieces of furniture does not attract much more attention than the other.

desks as bedside tables

The chair

The choice of the chair will be influenced by the use that we are going to give this desk. If it is going to be intensive we advise you invest in an ergonomic and adjustable chair to adopt a correct posture. It may not be aesthetically the best option, but we are playing with our health!

If its use is to be momentary, however, a chair or stool that you can put totally or partially under the desk is the best option. Thus, the view will be clearer when you pick it up, which will help create that relaxed atmosphere that we all look for in a bedroom.

Desks in bedroom

The decoration

A desk to be used for work needs to be clear. For this it is advisable to install a Wall lamp and place on the desk only a small plant or a sheet that does not get in the way when working. If you have to go around removing a lot of things from the desk to be able to work, you will stop using it!

If you are going to use the desktop for a few minutes a day you can take certain licenses. It will be enough that you have enough space on its surface to place the laptop without having to remove anything. You could even place a mirror if you want to also use it as a dressing table. Thus the desktop will have two to three functions; We already talked to you at the beginning of the importance of furniture being versatile and having more than one function.

Using desks as bedside tables is not common. Nor is it the most advisable, since it can influence our rest if we are not a computer and able to disconnect. But when you have the space you have, you can’t always choose.

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